Go Gluten-Free at Honest Burgers in Camden

September 22, 2015
Honest Burgers gluten free

So, full disclaimer: I’m not celiac.

I’m not even really intolerant. I have a very mild intolerance that flares up very occasionally when I’ve been constantly overindulging (*cough* Christmas *cough*), but that’s it.

HOWEVER. I do have a lot of celiac and seriously gluten-intolerant friends.

And having worked in several restaurants and chain pubs, I’m very aware of how annoying, tiresome and downright boring it can be to go out for dinner when you’ve got a serious allergy like that.

Options are usually limited and half the time, the staff can’t even be bothered to properly check that something is definitely safe for celiacs to eat.

Which is why it’s so incredibly REFRESHING to have discovered the gluten-free options at Honest Burgers!

Honest Burgers gluten free

A few weeks ago, we had a Food Blogger meetup at Camden Market (I vaguely mentioned it in this post!).

I had a fab time checking out all the stalls and getting to know everyone, so was super excited when Loriley asked if I fancied another Camden foodie date to explore the annual Gluten-Free Festival.

The Lock was as busy as ever when we arrived on Saturday morning, and it was raining, so stopping for lunch first seemed like the sensible option. (Plus I may or may not have skipped breakfast in anticipation of ALL THE FOODS so I was getting un poco hangry!)

We slid into our seats at Honest Burgers and the lovely waitress was immediately there to take our drinks orders and talk us through the menu.

Loriley and Cat are both gluten-free, so they’re used to carefully analysing the choices available for what they can eat. Lucky for them, Honest Burgers are SUPER passionate about giving gluten-avoiders a massive menu for them to choose from!

They have both normal and GF burger buns, and the kitchen take very strict care to ensure that everything is kept separate and without any cross-contamination.

All of their beef patties are fully GF. Their rosemary fries (ermuhgerd so good!)? Yep. Gluten-free. Gluten-free beer, gluten-free sauces… even the onion rings are completely GF!

Honest Burgers gluten freeHonest Burgers gluten freeHonest Burgers gluten freeHonest Burgers gluten free

We all went for exactly the same meals: gluten-free Daura Damm beers, the Special burger, rosemary fries, onion rings to share, and chipotle mayo for dipping.

The burgers were juicy and grilled to absolute medium-rare perfection. Topped with fresh guacamole, creamy Swiss cheese, spicy Harissa mayonnaise and the most uh-mayyyyzing crispy smoked bacon, it’s definitely one of the best burgers I’ve had recently.

The gluten-free buns were lightly toasted. The texture and taste felt pretty much exactly the same as normal bread to me as well, which was a nice surprise!

The fries were (as mentioned above) DIVINE. Like, incredibly good. Hand-cut, tossed in rosemary salt, crispy on the outside and perfectly fluffy on the inside.

But the star of the show turned out to be the onion rings! Soft, fully formed rings of actual onion, in a batter that was light and crisp and not at all greasy. Loriley mentioned that it’s especially hard/impossible to find gluten-free onion rings on a restaurant menu, so this was an absolute winner with all of us.

Honest Burgers gluten freeHonest Burgers gluten freeHonest Burgers gluten freeCamden gluten free

After lunch we popped round the corner to explore the festival and all it’s offerings.

We tried some BRILLIANT gluten-free bread at the newly rebranded Romeo’s Bakery stall. I nearly had a heart-attack over the prices but the girls assured me they’re pretty standard for GF bread, which is awful to hear. It’s unfair that they’re having to pay so much more (SO much more!) just because of an allergy.

It had a really great texture, and I don’t think I’d have been able to tell it was GF just by tasting it.

They’re now stocked in Wholefoods so if you’re gluten-free it’s definitely worth checking out for when you really just want some toast (but FIVE POUNDS though?!)

Camden gluten free festivalCamden gluten free festivalCamden gluten free festivalCamden gluten free festival

I had SUCH a great time!

The food at Honest Burgers was obviously brilliant (dem fries doe!) and the service was absolutely phenomenal. All the waitresses we spoke to were friendly, helpful and super passionate about the gluten-free options.

The company was also a highlight!

Cat and Loriley are so lovely and their blogs are fab, so definitely go check them out if you’re into food blogs (Loriley’s photography, especially, is constantly giving me hunger pangs!).

Overall, an amazing spot for a friendly catchup or chilled out date.

And definitely one to keep in mind if you can’t eat gluten!



*We were guests of Honest Burger and Camden Market for this visit.


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