36 Hours in Copenhagen

March 30, 2016
Copenhagen 2016

Oh Copenhagen. What a city!

A couple of weeks ago, Vicky and I ran away to Denmark for a night. We caught a stupidly early flight from Gatwick on Saturday morning and returned on a late flight Sunday evening.

It was a bit of a last-minute decision that basically came from us going: Should we go on holiday? Yeah ok. Where to? Dunno… Copenhagen? Yeah let’s do Copenhagen. BOOKED. DONE. BYE.

Something like that anyway.

We didn’t make any plans, we didn’t know much about the city and, in the end, we decided to just research a couple of restaurants and leave everything else to wandering around and seeing what we could find.

Here’s what we discovered during our 36 hours in Copenhagen!

Copenhagen 2016


We flew with Norwegian airways and they are my new favourite airline because WIFI!

Once you arrive in Copenhagen you can get a metro from the airport to the city centre in under 20 minutes, for about £4 an adult.

Once in the centre, the city itself is easily walkable. We were able to save a lot of money by mostly avoiding public transport. However, if you DO want to use public transport, the Metro is fast, clean, reliable and an actual joy to use. A whole world away from London’s smelly tubes!

There’s also a well-connected bus service that will get you pretty much anywhere the Metro doesn’t reach.


We stayed in an Airbnb right near the centre of town. It was a ten minute walk to the Nørreport Metro station, with plenty of nice cafes in the area, and a beautiful view overlooking the Lakes.

The owner was a lovely old man called Axl, who was friendly and helpful, but very much left us to our own devices – which suited us just fine!

We paid £62 between us for the one night stay.


First things first: Copenhagen in February is cold. Not just cold, but FREEZING.

We quickly realised that we’d underestimated how cold it could actually be up North and had both packed shoes that involved bare ankles and no socks. Well done, us. The locals spent a lot of time staring at our feet and clearly wondering if we were mad…

Take a proper coat, scarf, gloves, hat and socks.

I’m always fascinated by what people wear in different countries. My style in Spain is SO different from what I wear in London, and if you watch what people wear at all the different fashion weeks, it always changes as well. I think it gives such an interesting insight to a city’s mindset!

So if you want to dress like a Dane, here are the trends I observed on my little trip: good quality basics, neutral colours and slightly masculine shapes with clean lines. I spotted lots of turtle necks, dressing-gown shaped wrap coats, cute little knitted beanies, white Stan Smith trainers (worn with rolled up trousers and black socks – because did I mention it’s cold?) and all paired with super sleek hair and perfectly on-point makeup.

Basically: they’re a Pinterest dream.

Copenhagen 2016Copenhagen 2016



Now, the number one thing EVERYONE had told me we had to do in Copenhagen was coffee and cake.

So we took that advice to heart and decided to make this a priority. Turns out the Danes makes fantastic lattes, and apparently cheesecake is a massive thing in Copenhagen!

Who knew, eh?

We tried several places, but the ones worth remembering are:

Kaffehuset: Their cheesecakes are faaab. Vicky loved their Nutella one, and I was a massive fan of the lemon! Great coffee too.

Daily: Handily placed, right by the Nørreport Metro station, we spent several hours in here on our second and last day, sheltering from the bitter cold with milky coffee, hot tea and HUGE slabs of deliciously creamy, raspberry cheesecake.


As we were only there for one night, we’d decided to make the most of it and had booked a table at Madklubben Vesterbro for dinner (again, on the recommendation of Bonnie!)

It’s a lovely little restaurant, about half an hour’s walk from where we were staying, that serves traditional Danish dishes with a twist. They do a fantastic menu deal where you can select one, two, three or four courses, which cost DKK 100, 150, 200 or 250, respectively.

The food was great! Fresh, local and perfectly cooked. We had the most amazing mashed potato of all time ever with our mains (guinea fowl) and the salmon tartare starter was also fabulous.

TRAVEL TIP: Keep an eye out for the twenty five percent service charge that they sneakily add on at the end…


We went to Mad & Kaffe for brunch on the Sunday and I highly recommend it. Great food, and the lattes were honestly the best we’ve ever tried. The only down sides are that they don’t take bookings, and they’re very popular!

Make sure you get there as soon as they open to grab a table.

Read my review of Mad & Kaffe here.

Copenhagen 2016Copenhagen 2016Copenhagen 2016Copenhagen 2016Copenhagen 2016


On the recommendation of Bonnie, we decided to take a boat tour of the city. With a bottle of 7/11 wine stashed in Vicky’s handbag, we paid for our £8 tickets and jumped on.

We toured round into Nyhavn, took the obligatory snaps of the iconic coloured buildings and observed as a Danish fashion blogger had her outfit shots taken by her friend.

Then we sailed up the coast and visited The Little Mermaid statue, which was a bit… underwhelming.

I’m glad we saw it from the boat, because that thing is FAR from the city centre and I think we would have felt really disappointed if we’d trekked all the way there just for that.

As it was, I can say I’ve seen it, but I’m glad there were other things included!

We had a wander round the town centre and went up the Round Tower, which gives 360 degree views over the city. We also walked through the Rosenborg gardens and had a giggle at the Royal Guards doing their rounds in perfectly time-synchronised order.

If we’d had more time I would have added the free town of Christiania and the inside of Rosenborg castle to my list, as well as Tivoli, an old theme park that was closed for the season… but overall I think we did pretty well for such a short visit!

Copenhagen 2016Copenhagen 2016Copenhagen 2016



Copenhagen is like no other city I’ve ever been to before. It’s so clean and well-groomed and friendly, but then there’s graffiti and street art covering every surface that’s remotely reachable.

It’s such a contrast of styles, but it just works so well together! It’s honestly like no place I’ve ever been before.


BABIES EVERYWHERE. I can count on one hand the amount of teenagers or children under 10 that we saw, but newborns and toddlers? Hundreds of ’em.

We actually googled it once we got back to our room and discovered that apparently the government was so concerned with under-population, because people weren’t having enough babies, that they started offering extra tax breaks, free childcare and all sorts of perks, to incentivize people to have more children.

AND did you know that it’s traditional to leave your babies outside in their prams whilst you go inside and have your coffee or whatever? They’re all well-wrapped up against the chill, but the fresh air is really good for them. It’s so strange to see all these prams just lined up outside the coffee shops, but just goes to show how safe parents feel in their city.

Can you even IMAGINE anyone trying that in London?!


When we were on the boat tour, I got pooped on by a bird.

A bird pooped on my head. On. My. Head.

Vicky’s still laughing about it even now. I mentioned it the other day and had to wait 10 minutes for her to calm down enough to carry on our conversation…

Copenhagen 2016Copenhagen 2016Copenhagen 2016

Yep, Copenhagen was awesome. *thumbs up emoji*

My only complaint would be the weather. I think I’d quite like to go back again one day, in Summer time, so I can experience it with temperatures above freezing. I want to do a guided tour on a bike, and visit Tivoli and sit outside cafes in the sunshine…

And I also want to eat all the cheesecake again. Obviously!


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