Brunch at Mad & Kaffe in Copenhagen

March 31, 2016
Mad and Kaffe brunch Copenhagen

When Vicky and I were planning our trip to Copenhagen (and I say “planning” in the loosest sense of the word…), the one thing we did do serious research on was brunch.

Because you can take the girls out of London, but you can’t take London out of the girls. Sunday is Brunch Day and we wanted brunch!

So let me introduce you to the delightful MAD & KAFFE.

Mad and Kaffe brunch Copenhagen

Have a Google and you’ll find that it’s one of the top rated restaurants in Copenhagen. And for bloody good reason!

It gets seriously busy, and they don’t take bookings, so make sure you plan to get there early.

We arrived at 9:30am on a Sunday morning and thought we’d be the first ones in, but the place was already full! (In fact, we just missed out on the last table… Sigh)

There was nowhere else we particularly wanted to go, so we opted to sign up for the next available table and wait outside.

Wrapped in blankets, drooling over the menu, and sipping the best lattes either of us have ever had, we sat in the freezing cold for over an hour. The outside tables filled quickly with more people and soon there was about 20 of us waiting out there!

We had a bit of an awkward moment when the waitress forgot about us and started calling other people in in front of us, but finally about 10:45am we were sat at a table by the window, with brunch ordered and another coffee in front of us.

Copenhagen 2016Mad and Kaffe brunch CopenhagenMad and Kaffe brunch Copenhagen

At this point we were cold, tired and getting hangry, and things didn’t get much better when we realised that the food was coming out in batches. So, basically, 6 tables would all get their order at once, and then nothing would leave the kitchen for another 15-20 minutes.

By the time our food FINALLY arrived, it was 11:20am and we were ready to be fully unimpressed. In fact, I think the exact quote from both of us was: THIS BETTER BE BLOODY GOOD.

And you know what?

It totally was.

The menu is basically a checklist. You choose 3, 5 or 7 items for 65, 105 or 135 DKK respectively, and make up your own preferred little breakfast tray.

We (obviously) chose the 7 item option, which worked out around £15 each. Yeah it’s a bit pricey, but it was also HUGE and kept us going well into the afternoon.

Here’s what we picked…

Mad and Kaffe brunch Copenhagen

Scrambled eggs with chives and fried mushrooms – We both chose this and they were SO GOOD. Soft and creamy, perfectly seasoned, and delicious.

Avocado with chilli oil and baked almonds – Another one both of us picked, because it’s avocado and we be basic. The chilli oil really worked to cut through the avocado, and the crunchy toasted almonds were a lovely added touch.

Mad and Kaffe brunch Copenhagen

Vesterhaus cheese with marmalade – I’ve never tried Vesterhaus before but it seemed very similar to cheddar or manchego, and worked beautifully with the fresh marmalade.

Homemade cream cheese with bread – This was YUM. Creamy and flavourful and utterly lovely with the warm, fresh bread.

Mad and Kaffe brunch Copenhagen

Fried chorizo sausages – Such lovely sausages! They were perfectly hot, beautifully cooked and absolutely yum

Smoked salmon with smoked cheese mayo, chives and radish – Holy smokes that smoked salmon. I’ve never had anything like it. So flavourful, perfectly sliced, and it went so so well with the smoked cheese mayo. (Whoever invented smoked cheese mayo needs a raise and needs to start bottling it so I can buy it. Thanks.)

Mad and Kaffe brunch Copenhagen

Tomato salad with mozzarella and basil – I had this one, and it was such nice, light dish to help balance out the rest of it.

Cinnamon bun – Vicky ordered this one and kept it as her “dessert”. A photo speak a thousand words, so here’s a photo of this deliciously warm and flaky cinnamon pastry filled with chocolate…

Mad and Kaffe brunch Copenhagen

Organic lactose-free yoghurt with muesli, macha tea and basil – This was my “dessert”. Creamy yoghurt with macha tea powder swirled in, topped with crispy home-made muesli and fresh basil leaves. It was an odd combination of flavours, but surprisingly delicious.

Mad and Kaffe brunch Copenhagen

Honestly, after the disastrous beginning at this place, we were expecting to come away feeling fully unimpressed. But actually, the quality of the food and coffee completely made up for any other issues and we both agreed we’d both go back again AND we’d even wait out in the cold again.

That’s how good it was you guys.

I honestly can’t recommend it enough. If you’re ever in Copenhagen, make sure you add Mad & Kaffe to your list of must-visits.

You can thank me later.

PS. Looking for more info on Copenhagen? Have a read of my mini city guide!


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