June 27, 2016
harry potter and the cursed child

Happy Monday!

What a week guys. WHAT. A. WEEK.

I’m not really going to go into the whole sorry subject on the EU today. Partly because I’ve already spoken about how I feel about the situation and partly because it makes me sad and angry and these posts are all about the Happy.

In the words of Dumbledore: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

So this is me turning on the light.

harry potter and the cursed child

1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. HOLY MOTHER OF MERLIN ON A BUCKET. #KeepTheSecrets

2. Rosie’s hedgehog. I met the lovely Rosie last week. We had a lovely long chat about the acting industry and our escape from it, and then she showed me photos of her pet hedgehog, Twiglet, and I died.

3. Finding my routine. It feels SO nice to finally have a daily routine in place! Early breakfasts with Gary before he goes to work, getting ready for the day, quietly tapping away at my blog work, dinner at home… it’s so peaceful and happy and I love it.

4. Pad Thai. After the Event-That-Must-Not-Be-Named on Friday, I felt like the only thing that would help cure my blues was the classic pad Thai from Busaba. Turns out I was right. Noodles are better than therapy.

5. Windsor. Windsor is so PRETTY you guys! The lovely team from Accor Hotels took us on a whistle-stop tour of some of their nicest hotels and then we stayed overnight at the Castle Hotel Windsor. The hotel is beautiful, Windsor castle is beautiful, there are pretty houses and fields and greenery, and we watched the Changing of the Guard and got soaked in the rain. And it was fabulous. I love exploring new towns!

windsor castle

Photo by Rachel from Global Roaming

6. Golden retriever puppies. I have watched approximately 55632 videos of golden retriever puppies this week and I regret nothing.

7. Sunday. The laziness of waking up late, cooking eggs and bacon, eating it in bed, catching up on Game of Thrones, popping out for afternoon tea, coming home to a rainy evening of naps, stir fry and more Game of Thrones… Is there anything nicer than a proper peaceful Sunday?

8. Apple quiche. I made an apple and bacon crustless quiche yesterday. It’s the last recipe in my year-long collaboration with Bramley Apples and I wasn’t sure it was going to work but it. is. delicious. Gary loved it and I have a chunk of it with me for lunch and I’m already SO excited for 1pm. Look out for the recipe tomorrow!

9. Travel plans. Charlie and I have been talking travel plans for next year! We’re looking into Japan which would be amazing. She’s obviously a seasoned traveller, but it would be my first big “travel” rather than “holiday” or “city break” and there is MUCH EXCITEMENT.


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And yeah. Today is a bit weird to be honest.

I started writing this in a really good mood and then, slowly, over the last two hours of interruptions and fire alarms, I’ve started feeling grumpy and tired. Like I want to just hide away from everything – turn off social media, roll myself up in my duvet, drink wine and shut out the world.

Isn’t that funny? I was fine at 9am.

ANYWAY. I hope you have a fantastic week lovely ones.

Stay strong, be kind and go eat something delicious.



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