May 23, 2016

Happy Monday!

Oh boy it’s been a long time since I last wrote those words (or ANY words, if we’re going to be brutally honest…)

But for those of you who haven’t heard… I quit my job last month. So things are about to get a lot more interesting around here!

I’ve got a (very) long post coming at you this week with the whys and wherefores of me leaving, but in a nutshell:

I missed my blog.

I missed my life when I was blogging. I missed the community and the writing and the photography and yep, the opportunities blogging presented me with.

Sounds like a simple enough decision but I actually struggled backwards and forwards with it for months. It took me ages to even realise what the problem was, and even once I realised I was feeling homesick for the internet (is that even a thing?) it took a few weeks for me to figure out what to do with it.

Seven months ago I started my new job and I wrote a whole post about how I was so excited to finally be leaving the corporate world and how I’d never want to go back and blah blah blah…

And yet here we are.

I have two weeks of funemployment left, and then I start back as a corporate reception for the same company I worked for before.

It’s a brand spanking new building though, with a new client, and I have a sexy new tailored uniform (let’s not talk about how many inches the lady had to add to the hip section of my skirt…) and best of all? I’m going to have all the time in the world to work on creating exciting new content, refreshing my design, improving my photography and reconnecting with all of you lovely lot again.

I’m really bloody excited.

More to come soon, but for now: HONEY I’M HOOOOOME!


1. Sunday with Gary. Between me finishing my job, his work, blog events and friends and family needing some love and attention, we’ve not had much time just for us lately. So we both blocked off yesterday in our diaries and just spent the day hanging out together and it was lovely. ♥

2. Flowers! The lovely team at Bloom & Wild sent me TWO bouquets of gorgeous letterbox flowers and my house smells like a flower shop and I love that. Flowers make a home.

3. Piglets. MY HEART. Claire and I visited The Pointer Farm and Pub on Saturday and we explored the vegetable gardens and visited all the animals and cuddled teeeeny-tiny pink piglets. So soft, so adorable.

4. Working from home. I’m treating the next two weeks (and last week) as working from home, so I’ve been making myself get up at a regular working time and getting dressed and doing my makeup before sitting down with coffee and my laptop and my Spotify Happy Monday playlist and oh you guys. This is the life I want. I really, really do.

5. Avocado and slow-roast tomatoes. I had this for brunch two days in a row at an event with Dell at Bourne & Hollingsworth last week and OH MAMA. *heart-eyed emoji*


6. Blogging with Jaye and Claire and Ghenet. We spent a lovely day in a Caffe Nero working on branding worksheets and talking color schemes and content plans and it was BLISSFUL.

7. Please Don’t Go by Joel Adams. I am OBSESSED with this song!

8. Romeo and Juliet. I’m cheating slightly here cos this was actually the week before last but it was so unbelievably amazing that it needs a mention. OH. MY. GOD. I’m a huuuge R&J fan and have seen it quite a few times, but Kenneth Brannagh’s production just blew them all out of the water. His and Robert Ashford’s direction is (as always) utterly flawless, and they’ve taken some creative decisions that could have gone so wrong but actually are what makes this whole production so special. Richard Madden is surprisingly fantastic as the cheeky and whip-smart Romeo, and Lily James is gorgeous and has the perfect balance of innocence and intelligence as Juliet. But the star of the show is undoubtedly Derek Jakobi as (wait for it) Mercutio. I know! I thought I was going to struggle with the casting of a 70 year-old as Romeo’s best friend but his performance is flawless and it just WORKS. I was almost speechless by it all when I came out of the theatre and I’ve already made plans with about three different people to go back again. I know there are still £15 tickets on the website, so if you can, you HAVE to go!

9. Courgetti. Yep, still utterly obsessed. Pesto, pine nuts, cheery tomatoes and a sprinkling of parmesan. Yum.

10. Bangarang. A miracle happened on Friday. For the first time in the history of our friendship, we managed to get ten out of eleven of us in one room. Charlie also facetimed in from New Zealand there was prosecco and pink wine and the lovely Emma put on a totally bangin’ feast and we sang power ballads and showed off our party tricks and caught up with everyone’s life and OH GOD it was fabulous. I laughed til I cried and my abs ached the next day. Eternally grateful for having these babes in my life. ♥


Oh it’s good to be back!

I spent last week tidying up and catching up with a huge backlog of emails and refreshing some little bits of my design and making plans and calendars, but from now on things should be back to normal, with a daily posting schedule and plenty of reading blogs and catching up with everyone.

Have a fantastic week lovely ones :)


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