March 30, 2015
Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

I’ve been trying to write this post for a couple of hours now, but have really been struggling…

See, usually I try and stay all bright and breezy. I tell you I’ve had an awesome week, been to this, eaten that and all is happy and dandy in the world.

And yes, this week has been awesome. I have been to some really fun events and eaten some really ace food.

But actually, I’ve also been PMS-ing real hard and sleeping badly all week, and now I feel tired, fed up and very NOT happy and dandy.

I’m not in the mood for chatting, humans are getting on my last nerve at work, I feel ugly, bloated and just generally hot and bothered about life.

Right now, what would make me very definitely happy is to curl up under my duvet for a few days.

But that’s not possible, nor is it practical.

Life’s always gonna have ups and downs, right? Good weeks and bad weeks.

It’s why I started doing these Happy Monday posts in the first place!

They’re about remembering all those little moments of laughter and happiness, the ones that are over and forgotten before we can even properly acknowdlege that they happened in the first place.

But I’ve started to realise that thinking over these things on just one day a week isn’t enough.

I mean, I’m sure it’s enough for you guys reading them, and I have no intention of writing a daily happy post!

But maybe I just need to start THINKING about these little things on a daily basis.

Maybe then it’ll be easier for me not to get so down in the dumps about stuff that really doesn’t matter!

Happy Monday

1. Disney marathon on the sofa. Rare is the weekend when I have time to just sit and watch a ton of Disney films. But this weekend I had the house to myself, some new bear-toe socks, a ton of chocolate to taste-test and the whole Sky+ Disney collection on my telly. Bliss.

2. Watching Begin Again with pizza and my best friend. It’s one of my fave films, and I listen to the soundtrack several times a week, so add that to pizza and blanket cuddles with my lovely friend, and you have one ROCK AND ROLL SATURDAY.

3. Pink blossoms. Jasmin and I went back to the same park we were at last week, to re-shoot some outfit photos, and this tree had just MAGICALLY blossomed overnight. It was pink and pretty and made me all kinds of happy.

4. Chinese takeaway. MY FAVOURITE. (Crispy chilli beef and vegetable chow mein, if you were wondering)

5. The Pianist at Kettner’s. Two of my cousins are pregnant so we had a massive family baby shower at Kettner’s yesterday. Champagne, cakes, presents, baby talk and THE MOST FABULOUS OF PIANISTS. We had everything from The Candyman Can, to Beauty and the Beast, Defying Gravity, a jazz version of Wizard of Oz and a tango variation of Oliver Twist’s Got To Pick A Pocket or Two. You can’t even imagine the happy it made me.

Happy Monday

6. Endorphins. If you’ve watched this week’s vlog, you will have seen that I attended my very first British Military Fitness class on Thursday. It was BRILLIANT, and the rush of happy endorphins thankfully stuck around for a big chunk of the weekend. (Though, unfortunately, so did the muscle aches and pains!)

7. Charbonnel et Walker Salted Caramel Chocolates. OH. MY. GOD. That’s all I can say. They were diviiiiiine.

8. Portugal. WE’RE ALL GOING ON A. SUMMER HOLIDAYYY! Booked my flights this morning. All the excitement.

9. Brow power. Plucked and tidied my brows up one evening last week. My face looks one million times better.

10. Cuddles with my baby sister. Nothing makes me happier than coffee, giggles and catchups with this not-so-small face.

Happy Monday

Bank holiday weekeeeeeend!

I feel like every week should be a four day week. My plans for this weekend involve sleeping, playing Sims, sleeping, eating and sleeping. Not necessarily in that order.

What do you all have planned for the bank holiday? :)

Also, do any of you have any tips for getting out of this hormonal funk??

Exercise and chocolate don’t seem to be working as they should!


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