October 3, 2016
blogger's blog awards

Happy Monday!

Holy Cheese on a bucket, what an absolutely MENTAL weekend.

In case you missed my bazillion social media posts: I won the Best Lifestyle Blog and the Best Use of Social Media awards at the Blogger’s Blog Awards on Saturday.


Guys, I cried.

I never in a million years thought I’d win the Best Lifestyle Blog. I had my fingers crossed for Social Media, and I did think I might be in with a chance there, but MATE. I just. What. WHAT.

I think I’m still in shock. The more I think about it, the more my brain gets confused.

Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

You are a wonderful, crazy, supportive and utterly lovely bunch – and I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

And I’m gonna leave it there before I embarrass myself and start crying again. (GOD KATY GET A GRIP.)

blogger's blog awards

1. The Awards. OBVIOUSLY THIS IS NUMBER ONE. Hayley did such a fantastic job and the event was an amazing success. The venue was fab, the drinks were cheap (just as we like them!), and there was just such a great vibe about the whole thing. Everyone was smiling and laughing, talking to new people, making new friends and it was just so much FUN.

2. The Bloggers. I wasn’t as nervous this year (and I was a bit more drunk), so I spoke to more people and it was SO lovely to finally meet everyone and chat to people I’ve only ever spoken to on the internet before!!! Everyone was friendly and chatty and lovely, and I just wish there’d been more time cos I somehow STILL managed to miss talking to a few people I wanted to meet! ♥︎

3. Highlighter. I’m obsessed with highlighters at the moment. The glowy skin thing is my jam.

4. Giant garlic naan bread. Charlie, Pond, Michelle, Emma and I popped into Akbar’s Indian restaurant for dinner after the awards and we accidentally ordered two giant naans that were about the size of an A1 piece of paper. HUUUUUUGE. And so freaking delicious.

5. ROAD TRIP. Is there anything more fun than road trips with your best pals? No. No, there is not.

blogger's blog awards

6. That feeling when you’ve been in a car for two hours and then you get to stop and get out and stretch and drink caramel lattes. No other explanation needed.

7. Dinner at Zizzi’s. I got an invite to Hannah and Ellie‘s dinner party at Zizzi’s last week and it was so much fun! Prosecco and pizza and dating stories galore. So nice to properly have a chance to chat with them too as they’re both utter BABES.

8. The sofa. Our sofa is the comfiest sofa in the world. I got home last night after getting stuck in traffic for well over an hour. I had a bath, and then me and my dinner curled up in a corner of our giant squishy sofa and all was well with the world.

9. History of fungus. I went to a behind-the-scenes event at Kew Gardens on Friday and we got to have a look around the offices downstairs and they have ACTUAL specimens collected and classified by Charles Darwin – AND they have the original testing dish thingy’s from when Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. My inner history geek had a minor freakout over it all.

10. York. We took a little day trip to York on the Sunday after the Awards. It’s mine and Charlie’s favourite city, and as much as we wanted to explore Leeds, we wanted to see York again more. Sorrynotsorry. York is BEAUTIFUL and I love it and one day I will live there.

blogger's blog awards

This week is going to be MEGA exciting because it’s my biiiiiirthdaaaaay!

I’m turning 25 on Wednesday so Gary and I are celebrating by running away to Budapest for a few days. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for both of us, so we’re both looking forward to some chill time. Lots of good food, good wine and pretty views!

Unfortunately I’ve had a bit of a tech ‘mare this week as well. My phone camera stopped working last week when I updated to iOS10, and then on Sunday my camera lens decided to just give up on life… three weeks AFTER my warranty ended.

FORTUNATELY I have awesome friends.

Charlie’s going to lend me her lens so I can film and photograph my trip, and then once I get back I’ll have to have a serious think about what I do next. Cos it looks like I’ll have to send my camera and the faulty lens away for 6-8 weeks to be repaired, which apart from being expensive, is going to leave me with absolutely nothing to take blog photos on…

And you can imagine how I feel about THAT.

But anyway. Budapest now. Worry later.

Hope you all have an awesome week, and once again: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! ♥︎


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