August 17, 2015
Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

I’m all happy and skippy this week. I have no idea why.

Could be all the sleep I’ve been getting lately.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been drastically cutting down on my social life. Extra sleep seems to be an excellent side-effect of that decision!

No, I’m not becoming a hermit. (My FOMO Syndrome is in faaaar too much of an advanced state for that to ever happen.)

I’ve still managed to fit in a blog event, a soggy trip to the theatre and a house party… but the extra nights in have been definitely been a highlight to this week.

I’ve been cooking lots (I KNOW), bonding with my new-ish housemates, catching up on my reading and making fun blog plans.

So yeah. I’m feeling pretty good about life at the moment! :)

Happy Monday

click here 1. Quiet time. Did I mention I’ve been loving my quiet time lately? Cos I really have.

canadian pharmacies not requiring prescription 2. Fairy lights. I bought 8m worth of fairy lights and strung them up all around my room: above my bed, along the wardrobes and over my fab mirror. I now live in a fairy bower. It’s pretty awesome.

generic viagra usa 3. Very British Problems. OHMYGOD DID YOU GUYS WATCH THIS?! Best TV show I’ve seen in a while. We cried laughing watching it. If you missed it, go look it up on 4oD immediately.

4. New trainers. I bought these trainers from New Look last week. A perfect dupe for the New Balance ones I’ve been craving, but at about a third of the price. SO MUCH YES. I’ve worn them nearly every day since and now I’m lusting after the white ones!

5. Peanut butter stir fry. I’ve been cooking a LOT of stir fries. Autumn is coming and girl got skinny jeans to get back into. I added Hannah Gale’s suggestion of peanut butter into my sauce last week and HOLY MOSES it was beautiful.

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6. Planning my Autumn wardrobe. I’ve spent an enjoyable few hours this week analysing my wardrobe and all the new Autumn collections of my fave stores. Putting together my style concept for my favourite season is turning out to be ALL THE FUN!

7. Focus group with my fave blogger ladies. I popped along to a blogger focus group with Debenhams last week. Food, giggles and really interesting chats about blogging with brands. I got to catch up with my faves and meet a few lovely new faces and overall it was ace.

8. Girly Sleepovers. My flatmate and my best friend and I got together on Friday for a night of PJs, takeout, rom-coms, belly laughs and brownies. It was an amalgamation of everything good in the world. (Oooh-err! Check me out with my fancy words!)

9. House party. We had a party at the weekend. It’s the first house party I’ve hosted since I was at uni and it was SO MUCH FUN. The theme was Sh*t Shirts, we had beer pong, a bucket of (lethal) blue punch, this fantastic game, a pretty fantastic playlist (if I do say so myself)(#HUMBLEBRAG) and the most amazing takeaway pizzas. I heart house parties.

10. Fry-up. So remember the above-mentioned skinny jeans I’m trying to get back into? LOL. Gary and I woke up on Sunday morning with banging heads and a craving for bacon, sausage and egg. We popped to the cafe down the road and OH BOY SO GOOD. #sorrynotsorry

The morning after the night before… 🍳☕️ #WhatKatyEats

A photo posted by Little Miss Katy (@littlemisskatyuk) on

Guys I’m also so excited about my blog this week!

It feels good to finally be getting back into my groove and feeling enthusiastic about it. For a few weeks, I was worried that I was gonna have to just quit, cos I just WAS NOT interested in anything about it…

But now I’m super glad I pushed through. I’ve got some fun plans for Little Miss Katy and I can’t WAIT to see what happens in the next few months!

Also, I just want to say the following: (and I know that eeeveryone says this, but in my case I know it’s true…) I HAVE THE BEST READERS EVER.

You are legit the only reason I stuck around when it was hard going, so anything good that happens from here on in is entirely because of you lot.

Thanks again for always being super pals ♥

PS. Have you entered my FOOD HAMPER GIVEAWAY yet?!


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