August 10, 2015
Bleecker St Burger

Happy Monday!

Let me just start off by saying that I’m SO excited for this week.

Is it sad to be excited about lots of home-cooked dinners, TV on the sofa and then early bedtimes?

I’ve got plans for just two evenings this week, which is a bit of a miracle for me. It’s my first step in trying to cut down how many days a week I socialise.

Because LOL you guys saw the wreck I was last month. And ain’t nobody got time to be dealing with THAT again!

So I’m gonna start pre-empting it by making sure I always have enough rest and relaxation time.

God I sound so sensible.

I have no idea what’s getting into me lately.


Bleecker St Burger

1. Bleecker St Burgers. HOLY MOTHER OF BURGERS. So far, this is my favourite burger in London. Handy tip: ditch the fries and go for a double burger instead. My friend told me to do this, but I ignored her, and I regretted my life choices. Don’t make the same mistake. You’ll thank me later.

2. Star Wars on the bagpipes. Some dude in full kilt was playing the Star Wars theme tune on the bagpipes in Trafalgar Square. It made me smile lots. Small things eh?

3. Anniversary date night. Gary and I went up the London Eye on Monday. It’s something we’ve been wanting to do since our very first date so, as it was our 2 year anniversary, we decided it was time to do it! 365 tickets very kindly gifted me the tickets and off we trotted. The views were amazing and we both loved it. (Full post coming soon!)

4. New watch. I bought this fancy new watch from New Look. It’s classy and simple and chic and cost me a grand total of £9.99. WOOPDEDOOP!

5. Chorizo, red pepper and tomato omelette. KING OF OMELETTES. What Sunday brunch dreams are made of. (It was so good I didn’t even stop to take photos. Says it all really.)

A photo posted by Little Miss Katy (@littlemisskatyuk) on

6. New PJs. I bought myself some fun new PJ’s from Primark. They’re incredibly comfy and cosy.

7. Clean and ironed sheets. I washed all my bedding yesterday. And then I IRONED MY DUVET COVER. And the pillow cases. I’m an adult now right? For real this time? (FYI getting into bed last night was like climbing into a warm fluffy cloud. I highly recommend the ironing.)

8. Cryptic Crossword skillz. Have you ever heard of Cryptic Crosswords? Nope. Neither had I. Turns out they’re an insanely hard but super fun activity to do as a group. A bunch of Thinking Bobbers and I bossed ours in little over 2h on Thursday. With the help of a glass of wine (or two). Obviously.

9. SOMETHIN’S COOKIN’ AT THE SPITFIRE GRILL. Head on down to the Union Theatre this week to watch this amazing musical before it closes on Saturday. The songs are fab, the story is great and my friend Katie B has both a serious set of lungs on her and a truly sassy eyebrow game. I am SO immensely proud of her and cannot recommend the show enough. GO GO GO!

10. This photo of Angela. It’s still making me giggle one week later. (Also she went and got married over the weekend! So yaaay! Congratulations A&R!♥)

St Pauls Cathedral Afternoon Tea

Reading this list is making me happy all over again.

It’s been a good week for me! :)

What have you all been up to?

What’s been your weekly highlight? xxx


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