HAPPY MONDAY | Spring Cleaning My Creativity

March 12, 2018

Happy Monday!

So this week has been very Instagram-focused for me and my brain. I’ve just been feeling so bored with my content lately. Everything I used to love shooting (London streets, buildings, flatlays) feels stale and overdone to me now.

I went out for a photo walk with Kelly last week and every shot felt flat and unoriginal. I’m rehashing the same photos and angles, snapping the same buildings as everyone else, and I’m just a bit done with it all to be honest.

But I have hope. Accounts like @bookishbronte, @allthatisshe, @rushandteal, @jasxcharlotte, @sienna.and.i and @fetching_tigerss are inspiring me to play around a bit more. They’ve made me think outside the box, and finally this week my brain decided to play ball, and now I have seven (seven!) pages of fun Instagram ideas scribbled down.

Long may it continue! (And you can follow me along my creative journey at @misskatyenglish)

Other than that, this past fortnight has been full of great food and fun friends, and I’ve loved every minute. Here are some of the highlights:


1. New dresses. I had a bit of a meltdown over the weekend cos I was going to a friend’s engagement party and realised that none of my fun clothes fit me anymore (#foodbloggerproblems). So I got my butt online and ordered a couple of new sale dresses (this one and this one) and they are FABULOUS and I love them.

2. Beef curry. I made a BRILLIANT beef curry last week (if I do say so myself). Some of the spices need a little tweaking, so I’ve bought the ingredients again this week and hopefully I’ll nail it second time round. Then I can shoot it and share it with you guys soon!

3. Photoshop. I learned how to do some fancy things on Photoshop last week and I was actually dancing around my living room on Wednesday because I was having so much fun trying new things. Yay creativity!

4. Turkish eggs. Kelly and I went for brunch at Eggbreak last week. I had a lovely Mexican omelette, but she ordered the Turkish Eggs, and they were SO GOOD that I basically just stole half her breakfast. And I’m not even sorry about it. Garlicky, lemony yoghurt with poached eggs, chilli oil, and a cheese toasty one the side. YUM.

5. New design (ish). OK so the blog design isn’t exactly NEW. In fact, it’s the same one I’ve had for nearly a year now. But I have given it a bit of 2018 update. Bigger photos, fresh fonts, new sharing buttons (so you can pin or tweet or share my posts with your Facebook friends), and a few other bits and pieces you’ll mainly only notice if you hang out here often.

cauliflower cheese

6. Cauliflower cheese. I had a craving for cauliflower cheese yesterday, so I whipped up a batch to go with our Sunday dinner and it was so good that we ate the whole dish. (In hindsight, this is probbbbbably why my clothes don’t fit me anymore…)

7. Engagement party. My brilliant friend Katie and her wonderful fiance Ryan celebrated their engagement this weekend. I got to hang out with friends I’ve not seen in ages, drink aaaall the gin, and sing congratulations to one of my favourite ever couples. (If you’ve not read this news article about how they met, you should. It’s fantastic.)

8. Dim sum. Before gin, there was dim sum. I introduced Gary to the delights of Ping Pong on Saturday. We lined our bellies with dumplings, chicken wings and broccoli with sesame dip, and then spotted the adorable Rami Malek (from Mr Robot) on our way to the pub. A brilliant night all around.

9. Ugly Delicious. If you love food (you’re here, so I assume you love food?), you should check out this fab Netflix documentary series. Each episode is focused on a “classic” American dish, and it dives into the historical and cultural background of each one. The interviews, food shots and editing are completely brilliant and I cannot recommend it enough!

10. Novelty crumpets. Completely not an ad, but Asda have started doing novelty crumpets and I am here for it. The heart-shaped ones were a) cute and b) bigger than regular crumpets. What’s not to love? Cate also informed me this morning that they’ve just realised bunny shaped ones for Easter, so I’m going to go track them down tomorrow!

St paul's Cathedral

I hope you have a lovely week! :)


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