March 9, 2015
Happy Monday 016

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone’s feeling happy and well-rested and ready for a new week?

I woke up this morning convinced it was Sunday. Couldn’t for the life of me understand why Gary was up and awake at 6am. You can imagine the disappointment when my brain kicked in and I realised it was time to get up…

I had such a lovely weekend with the girls, but I feel like I haven’t slept for a week!

York is a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL city. Still one of my all-time favourites, and still top of the list of where I’d like to live outside of London.

It’s got everything: architecture, buzzy atmosphere, great food, live music, good bars, theatre, and the countryside on your doorstep!

It’s also got cobbled streets which are dangerous to girls in heels.

Not that I know that first hand or anything…

(Except I totally do cos I fell flat on my face)

The weather was ace and it was just soooo nice to catch up with my friends, drink lots, eat lots and laugh lots.

Like Spring-cleaning for the soul :)

Happy Monday 016

1. Byron Burger. We got lost in York on Friday night and ended up here for dinner. Beef, cheese, bacon and several bottles of prosecco. Best way to start the weekend!

2. Seeing my darling friend Lucy for the first time in over two years. She’s just had a baby girl so it was lovely to see her and meet Poppy! We went to the legendary Betty’s Tea Rooms where I gave in to my hangover and ate far too much food. Their scones and cakes are out of this worrrrrld.

Happy Monday 016

3. Singing. The weather was absolutely glorious on the drive up to York, and we blasted our way through a whole bunch of our favourite songs (Dreamgirls, Wicked and Shakira featured heavily). I think the rest of our traffic jam appreciated the performance.

4. Laughing. I literally can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard, so often, and for so long. I feel a million times more alive than I did last week!

Happy Monday 016

5. Pub quiz with Jasmin, Paul and Erin on Wednesday. Something else I haven’t done since uni! We actually did really well and won £10, which is going straight in the kitty for a bottle of wine. Same time again next week?

6. International Women’s Day. All the amazing quotes and comments I saw yesterday got me all fired up and inspired. I’m so proud and happy to be a woman, and to have so many incredible ladies in my life! ♥

7. FLUFFY DOGS. I can’t even explain how happy these guys made me. Especially the one in the yellow hat.

Happy Monday 016

8. Apostrophe’s hot chocolate. I was in dire need of chocolate on Thursday, and I was sooo impressed with Apostrophe’s offering! Super thick, very chocolatey and not too sweet. Pretty darn perfect in fact.

9. This article about why English is such an awful language. I legitimately had to leave my desk cos I was cry-laughing too hard.

10. My new phone + case! LOOK HOW PRETTY. I’m so in love. I got an iPhone 5S and it’s so sleek and shiny and fast. The case is from an Etsy store called The Small Print Cases. They’re super great quality, and I LOVE the designs. I’ve got my eye on this one!!!

Happy Monday 016

PS. BRUNCHSPIRATION from the lovely Michelle this week. Probably not great for a Monday morning read because HUNGRY. But yeah. Amazing. Definitely going to try it out this weekend!


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