Happy Monday!

Last night it rained, and I loved it because I was wrapped up in a fluffy dressing gown on the sofa reading Harry Potter.

Today it rained and I most definitely DIDN’T love it because now I have wet feet and 6 inches of damp pencil skirt to deal with… Sigh.

You know I’m usually the biggest fan of Mondays, but today just seems HARD. I don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but my head feels like one big fluffy cloud of cotton wool.

It’s the kind of day where, more than ever, I wish I could work from home.

Sometimes I think I might actually be somewhat near being able to do that, and other times it just seems like such a faraway possibility. And today is one of the latter days, I guess.

It feels like everyone’s storming ahead, making amazing leaps in their lives and careers, and I’m just here treading water. Like, I’m in pretty much the same place as I was last year, with not much to show for it.

This isn’t much of a happy Monday, is it? Bit of a change from last week’s massive dose of positivity!

I’ll be fine in a couple of days I’m sure. Bit of exercise, a good night’s sleep, and (PLEASE GOD) a bit of sunshine, and I’ll be back to my usual bouncy self.

But until then, here are some pretty lovely things that happened this week:

happy monday

1. #TodayImGrateful. The lovely Katie started this hashtag last week, and it’s my new favourite thing on the internet. People have been using it to post daily about the big and little things they’re grateful for, and it’s the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen. If you need cheering up, this is the place to go.

2. Thanksgiving dinner. I cooked a proper Thanksgiving dinner for Gary and I on Saturday and it was deeeeelicious, if I do say so myself!

3. New dressing gown. FatFace sent me this FABULOUS new fluffy dressing gown and it’s the softest, cosiest, best thing I’ve ever owned.

4. Northern Lights. I started reading Northern Lights by Philip Pullman again this morning. It’s one of my all-time favourite books and it’s been making me feel all cosy and better about things. (As per the wonderful advice in this post by Forever Amber!)

5. Brunch with the girls. I went to Jasmin’s birthday brunch at Cambridge Street Kitchen yesterday. The brunch itself was average, but the company was stellar! We then wandered around a freezing Pimlico and Victoria for hours afterwards, and it was SO pretty with all the Christmas lights and fallen leaves.

pimlico street

6. New things to watch. SO MANY NEW THINGS TO WATCH ON THE TELLY/IN THE CINEMA. Fantastic Beasts. The Crown. Gilmore Girls. The new Beauty and the Beast trailer. The new Series of Unfortunate Events trailer. I’m excited for everything.

7. Tea in bed. Gary made me a cup of tea before he went to work, and I drank it sitting in bed, scrolling Instagram and feeling toasty. It’s the little things ♥︎

8. Taste of London. BMW sent me down to cover Taste of London for them, and it was AWESOME. Charlie and I drank sustainable coffee, made in the boot of a sustainable car. We ate festive hotdogs and truffle mac’n’cheese and fish tacos. We tried hot gin and tonic. Overall, an excellent start to the holiday season!

9. Tapas Brindisa. Vicky and I popped into the relaunch of Tapas Brindisa in Shoreditch, and I ate all the fideuà and butifarrón burgers and creamed cod, and it was just like being home again. Bliss.

10. Fish finger sandwich. I also met AJ for lunch last week, and had the best fish finger sandwich of my life at the Cachlan, behind Liberty’s. SO. GOOD.

rice wine shop

This week is FULL of exciting things, so I’m hoping I’ll perk up in the next day or two.

Burgers with Erica tonight, a mac’n’cheese masterclass tomorrow, Fantastic Beasts on Wednesday, THE HARRY POTTER STUDIOS CHRISTMAS LAUNCH ON THURSDAY (I’m excited, can you tell?), and then Gary will be back from Paris and it will already be the weekend again.

Time is flying absurdly fast at the moment!

I hope you have a wonderful week too ♥︎