HAPPY MONDAY | Sun, Sea and Snow

February 26, 2018
castillo de bellver

Happy Monday!


I know it’s inconvenient and cold and awful after the first few flurries, but oh it’s just so pretty. Gary’s grumbling about it in the living room, but I love it. I’ve been sitting with my face pressed to the window, oohing and aahing over the fluffy white flakes.

It makes a big change from last week’s mix of Spanish sunshine and stormy grey skies!

The Jet2 press trip to Palma was fabulous, and I had a great time. The other bloggers were lovely, the brand reps were brilliant, the food was INCREDIBLE, and I just loved every minute of it.

I got to visit sights I’d not seen since I was a child, explore corners I’d never seen before, and I learned SO MUCH! There are so many little details I’d missed when I lived there and took the place for granted.

I’m going to edit all my photos tonight, and I can’t wait to share the posts with you next week! :)

castillo de bellver

1. Snow. It’s snowing as I type this and OH IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. We haven’t had quite as big a fall as my sister has in Rome (snow! in Rome!), but it’s still falling, and it’s still settling, and it still makes me feel like a giddy child.

2. Sunshine. We had a glorious couple of days of sunshine in Palma, and I made the absolute most of it by sitting on my balcony to answer emails and write my Cyprus blog post.

3. Daffodils. I picked up a couple of bunches of daffodils in Sainsbury’s yesterday, and they’re doing an excellent job of cheering up our living room and reminding me that spring is definitely on its way. (Despite the current weather situation…)

4. Baking. I made a lemon and olive oil cake yesterday. It didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted it to (mainly because I completely forgot to add the baking powder…) but just hanging out in my sunny kitchen, zesting lemons and singing along to Dua Lipa made me so happy.

5. Cava on the balcony with my family. Mum, Dad and my “little” brother came to visit me at the hotel while I was in Palma, and we spent a lovely evening catching up and sipping cava on the terrace. Bliss.

ensaimada fornet de la soca

6. Thor Ragnarok. On Saturday, I made Thai veggie noodles for dinner, and then Gary and I sat and watched the new(ish) Thor film. I LOVED IT. Chris Hemsworth is as funny as he is pretty (and he’s very pretty), and I’d say it’s one of my favourite Marvels so far.

7. Ensaimada. Ensaimada is an airy pastry-cake made with lard and strong flour. It sounds weird, and to be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan, but this one from Fornet de la Soca was INCREDIBLE.

8. Queer Eye. If you’ve not watched the new reboot of Queer Eye on Netflix, you really should. I’ve laughed and cried at every episode, and all of them made me feel bright and uplifted. The Fab Five are awesome (Karamo ♥︎) and it’s just really really good.

9. Curry the puppy. We met a puppy called Curry in a wicker basket shop in Palma. She was adorable and made me very VERY happy. 10/10 would pet again.

10. Haggis. I had a delicious brunch with Jasmin at Mac and Wild on Saturday, and turns out, I like haggis! (Not so much a fan of the whiskey…)

palma de malloca

Hope you have a lovely week! :)


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