A Food Tour of Dalston Market

April 28, 2015
Le Bun duck confit burger

My best friend and I booked ourselves onto a fitness boot camp class thing last week, with the plan of kicking our butts back into gear…

Only when Sunday morning rolled round, we decided that it was just too grey and too miserable and we were too hungry.

So we went to Dalston Food Market instead. Which just happened to be re-opening that day.

Because I mean, let’s be honest here guys.

If you’re going to make me choose between rolling around in the mud doing pushups, or stuffing my face with some of London’s best street food?

There’s not really much contest.

Le Bun duck confit burgerLe Bun duck confit burgerLe Bun duck confit burger


Pulled duck confit, straw frites and Le Bun’s famous champagne slaw on a brioche bun smothered in Bearnaise spread.


The duck is tender and flavourful, the slaw marinated in a champagne vinegar, the bun is soft and fluffy… I could sing praises to this burger for hours.

We also got a side of fries drizzled in truffle mayo which I absolutely adored.

Vicky found them a bit rich but that’s ok cos ALL THE MORE FOR ME.

Quick mention to the guys behind the counter as well.

They were super friendly and really helpful to the gluten-free lady who was behind me in the queue. They came up with a bunch of alternative burger options for her and her kids which I though was really sweet of them.

Sweetly Simple smoothie and trufflesSweetly Simple truffles


The Sweetly Simple juice van was actually our first stop of the day.

(Yeah I’m doing this post out of order. So sue me.)

We were after caffeine, and what we got was an unexpectedly FABULOUS cold-pressed coffee with almond milk, dates, cinnamon and a whole other bunch of yummy healthy stuff. It was creamy and sweet and just what the doctor ordered.

I got chatting with the two ladies behind the counter who very kindly offered us a couple of their diviiiine cacao-coconut truffles to try as well.

All of their food is made with healthy, raw super-ingredients, so you know you’re getting a good boost of vitamins and macronutrients in every bite/sip.

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to see where you can find them this week!

Born and Raised pizzaBorn and Raised pizzaBorn and Raised pizza


PIZZA. We all know how I feel about pizza. But this pizza is kinda special.

Picture this: freshly prepared dough, kneaded and stretched in front of your very eyes, topped with juicy home-made tomato sauce, dotted with chunks of creamy mozzarella and several basil leaves, and then baked in a traditional wood-fired pizza oven… IN THE BACK OF A VAN.

I repeat: a wood-fire oven. in the back. of a van. I was absolutely mesmerised! And the pizza? PERFECTION.

We went for a classic mozzarella and it was beautiful. Soft, chewy sour dough with perfect toppings and just GAH. Amazing.

Find (and stalk) them on Twitter and Facebook!

Kimchinary Korean burritoKimchinary Korean burrito


If you’ve not heard of Kimchinary yet, you soon will.

They’ve recently been named London’s Number 1 street food stall by Time Out and I can tell you know, it’s for a bloody good reason!

A fab infusion of Hispanic and Korean cuisine, Kimchinary make burritos. But burritos like you have NEVER tasted before.

Perfectly cooked, juicy Gochujang pulled pork shoulder, served in a toasted tortilla with spicy kimchi fried rice, sesame slaw, spring onion relish, cheese, hot sauce and sour cream.

This was my absolute FAVOURITE dish of the entire day.

I could have eaten about three of them. (Y’know, except for the fact that we’d already had pizza and a burger and fries…)

Honestly guys, it was utterly divine.

They had an aubergine and kale version on the menu as well which I’m determined to try next time I see them.

Make sure you follow them on Twitter and hunt them down too!

Dalston Food Market (15)Teala sweet iced teaDalston Food Market (14)Apple juiceRaspberry cupcakeBread

Dalston isn’t what I’d call the nicest of areas, but they sure know how to host a food market!

After wandering around the stalls selling everything from cheese to herbs and raw honey, we grabbed some sweet iced teas from the Teala stall, soaked up one last folky-gypsy-ish tune from the brilliant live band and finally headed for home.

Where I promptly curled up under my duvet and took a nap.

All this eating is hard work y’know?

*We bought and paid for everything ourselves.
Vicky and I really like food.


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