April 27, 2015
Year 1 Bloggiversary

Year 1 Bloggiversary


I’m probably making more of a big deal about this than I should but I actually can’t quite believe that I’ve stuck with blogging for a whole year!

So I’ma be a bit self-indulgent today…

(Take that as a warning!)

I’ve mentioned before that I’m the flakiest of all people when it comes to hobbies, so yeah. I’m feeling pretty proud of me right now.

Since around May-June last year, I’ve posted regularly every single Monday to Friday (bar a few exceptions like holidays, Christmas and the occasional I NEED AN ONLINE DETOX NOW PLEASE THANK YOU kinda day.)

My writing has got better and I’ve finally bought a camera (and lenses!) and started learning how to take good photos.

I’ve learnt basic HTML and CSS, how to design pretty graphics and how to connect with people and promote myself via social media.

I’ve had over 100,000 page views, worked with some amazing brands and gone to some truly fabulous events.

I’ve experimented with content and subject, and I finally feel like I’ve found my groove writing about food, fashion and fun things to do in London (with a couple of other things thrown in the mix because structure schmucture.)

katy screencap

But waaay more important and special than all the bloggy stuff is the lovely, lovely people I’ve met, and the bunch of really awesome friends I’ve made.

Special mentions to the absolute BABES below who’ve been around pretty much since the start and now I can’t imagine not having around:

Jasmin, who’s been commenting on my blog since about my third post (!) and now is one of my best blog friends cos she lives near me and we got to pub quiz together and get undressed in parks to take blog photos.

Erica and Laura, who are both total legends and have been so supportive and helped me so much in finding my feet this year. I was honoured to be invited to Laura’s wedding and now I’m so so excited to go on holiday with them in June!

Katie and Hannah and Rebecca who I bonded with over a shared love of gin, theatre and balloon hats and don’t see anywhere NEAR as often as I want to.

Josie and Tara and Amanda and Jaye who are all utter sweethearts and I wish I could see more of them ♥

Year 1 Bloggiversary

So to make a reeeeeeally long story short: THANK YOU.

To everyone I’ve met who’s made me feel so welcome in the community.

To all of you who make me laugh every day on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook.

To every single one of you who comments on my blog with a regularity that frequently makes me want to happy-cry.

Even though I’ve recently been struggling to reply to all of you, I want you to know that I read and appreciate every single one of those comments!

You’ve all helped make this one of the best years of my life ♥

(OK I’m done now. Honestly.)

*royal wave*



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