May 4, 2015
Happy Monday 024

Hey, hey guys!

Know what day it is today?



More importantly, it’s bank holiday Monday. Hurrah!

Long lie-in, yummy brunch and… a trip to the optometrist (eye doctor).

Cos I woke up this morning with my left eye looking like a traffic light.

Apparently my new contact lenses aren’t agreeing with me. SIGH.

I’ve also got a broken toe, in case anyone was interested. (I tripped up the stairs. Obviously)

So yeah. It’s been a good weekend for me. LOL.

It’s times like this that I’m glad I have Happy Monday to work some sunny magic on my brain!

Happy Monday 024

1. Walking from South Bank to Victoria in the sunshine. I had a lovely solo walk yesterday to go meet a friend. Big Ben, blue sky and a coffee!

2. Prince George waving at the press. ISN’T HE JUST THE MOST ADORABLE?!

3. New Gap jeans! I asked on Twitter which high street store is best for good value jeans and I had a LOT of people shout for Gap. So I trotted down, discovered their 30% off sale and loved the very first pair I tried on. JOB DONE.

4. Dinner with Amanda and Sam. I love it when online friends become real life friends! :)

5. Lobster roll from Smack Deli. I finally ordered from Smack Deli! I got the Seven Samurai roll (without the picked ginger, because ew) and it was beautiful. Soft brioche roll, flavourful lobster and yummy slaw and Japanese mayo over the top.

Happy Monday 024

6. Getting home on Monday night, taking my uncomfy shoes off and stuffing my face with chorizo pizza before Game of Thrones. Think that says it all.

7. Courgetti. I’m obsessed. I’ve been taking my small spiraliser to work with me and making fresh courgette noodles with pesto and chicken for lunch every day. Healthy, filling and sooo yummy!

8. I’m on Holiday Lettings (TripAdvisor)’s list of Top 20 Lifestyle Blogs of 2015! So so proud to be on here, especially alongside Jasmin and several other of my blog buddies!

9. Lavender gifts. Our lovely, LOVELY gardener at work brought me a massive bar of chocolate flavoured with the lavender grown on our building roof. Also a lavender pillow spray that has changed my life forever.

10. My new Strawberry handbag. Primark did good. They’ve got pineapple ones as well if anyone’s interested!

Happy Monday 024

It’s been a good ol’ week really! :)

Gary and I are finally off to Spain in five days and I’M SO EXCITED.

The weather is looking fantastic and I’ve got so many plans for things I want to do, and places I want to show him!

I’m taking my camera (obvs) and am planning on posting some photos for you guys, but I’ve also got a couple of posts scheduled so I won’t be completely A.W.O.L.

Hope you all have a lovely, lovely bank holiday guys.

Much love! ♥

PS. I’m SO excited to read about Cat’s decision to quit her social media job and start working as a freelancer! Check out her blog Oddly Lovely to learn more about it.


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