November 2, 2015
Happy Monday

Happy Monday!


Here’s what’s been making me blissfully happy this week:

Happy Monday

1. HallowMean Girls. Number one on this week’s happy list are my HallowMean Girls. You’re probably more used to me calling them the Bangarang Babes. Whatever the name, they’re still some of my favourite people on the internet and in real life, and I can’t explain how much fun I had with them at Musical Bingo this week. I cried actual tears of laughter, sang my heart out AND we won Best Team Costume. FOUR FOR YOU HALLOWMEAN GIRLS. YOU GO HALLOWMEAN GIRLS.

2. ‘Hello’ by Adele. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONG OF THE YEAR. I’ve listened to it on repeat all week. That is all.

3. #TamponTax tweet. I wrote a really angry Facebook post about the #TamponTax situation and then posted it on Twitter. It’s had nearly 1000 retweets and 900+ favourites, and I’m a little proud of it. (Only a little, because it’s littered with rage-induced grammar mistakes that make me want to bang my head against a wall…)

4. Steak dinner. Steak and garlic butter for dinner last night. I don’t think there’s anything more that needs to be said.

5. Flatpack skillz. I spent 3 hours yesterday afternoon putting together a massive chest of drawers from IKEA and I did it all by myself and I’m so proud that I can’t even. #BOSSGIRL

6. Sewing skillz. I had a last-minute invite to a Halloween party on Saturday, and didn’t really want to wear my doll costume again. So I popped into a charity shop, picked up a bright red a-line skirt for £3 and spent half an hour sewing it into a hooded cape, with the help of my super-basic sewing kit. Whilst simultaneously downing wine and eating steak. #BOSSGIRLFOREVER

Happy Monday

7. Lip Sync Battle on TV. I was home relatively early on Wednesday. Just in time to sit down with my flatmates and watch Dwayne Johnson crush Jimmy Fallon at miming along to songs. It’s my new favourite thing.

8. Slow mornings. I never usually have time for a slow morning, but I woke up at 5am cos of the rain and decided to spend the extra hour in bed, reading my book with a cup of tea, with the raining lashing down on my skylight. Blissful.

9. Black butter. In case you didn’t hear, black butter is my new favourite thing. Lightly spread on buttered toast, it’s like Christmas in your mouth.

10. Pumpkins from Boston. My parents got back from the States this weekend and one of the first photos my Mum sent to our family Whatsapp group (yep, we have one) was this AMAZING pumpkin set-up. And I nearly cried laughing.

Happy Monday

Halloween is over! November is here! And Christmas is only 52 days away!

Not that I’m counting. I’m really not.

There’s just TOO much going on in November for me to even start thinking about Christmas yet!

(Though I’m not gonna lie, I think it’s definitely time to start thinking about mulled wine…)

Have a very amazing week and a very Happy Monday my amigos! ♥


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