August 3, 2015
Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

I’m moved, I’m calm and I’m BACK IN BUSINESS.

After all the drama and anxiety-inducing mentalness of last week, it feels soooo good to be back to normal again.

It’s amazing what good sleep, good food, and a new space can do!

I pretty much just spent the weekend unpacking my stuff, bonding with my new housemates and watching all the episodes of FRIENDS that I’ve somehow never seen before. I also managed to squeeze in many naps, many Jammy Dodgers and many an hour on Sims 3.

Yep, this week has been all about the little things!

Happy Monday

1. Sunset over the Thames. Oh London. You utter, UTTER babe. We watched the sunset from the 8th floor of the OXO Tower and it was amazing and I felt the happy feels all the way down to my toes.

2. White bed sheets. Such a blogger cliché AND I DON’T EVEN CARE. They’re crisp and clean and fresh and I love them.

3. Avocado on toast. I ate it sat on the sofa watching Saturday Kitchen in my pyjamas and it was everything good about starting a Saturday.

4. You guys and your amazing comments on Monday have I mentioned how much I love you? You made me cry on the tube.

5. These glittery platforms from the Debenhams Christmas 2015 show. They’re like the Christmas Fairy version of my blue ones and I WANT THEM. I NEED THEM.

Happy Monday

6. The giant bear-sized dog I saw in Starbucks. Big fluffy dogs make me happy.

7. Cheese soufflé. Jasmin and I went to a French cooking class on Saturday night. We learned how to make a cheese soufflé. Then we ate the cheese soufflé. And then we died and went to Cheese Soufflé Heaven.

8. Short commutes. Since moving, my commute time has been slashed entirely in half. Goodbye 5:45am starts and helloooo 6:30am!

9. That time I wrote a popular Harry Potter tweet. I wrote a pun-tweet for the #HarryPotterAMovie hashtag and it went sort-of-viral. Except not really. Just a little bit. But it’s officially the most popular thing I ever tweeted. And it’s about Harry Potter. So yeah.

10. This dude on the tube this morning. HAVE A LOVELY DAY.

Happy Monday


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