September 12, 2016
happy monday

Happy Monday!

Sorry this is late. The joys of never knowing what building I’m going to be working in – depends where I am whether I have access to my laptop or not.

ANYWAY! Apart from today, this week has been a busy and very productive one for me.

I’ve packed up most of our bedroom now. I managed to book off two days off work this week so I can finish packing up my books and the rest of the clothes on Wednesday, but mostly we’re sorted and ready to go.

I met up with a load of my best internet (and non-internet!) pals this week too. We ate A LOT of food and drank some reaaaally good cocktails and it lovely to just hang out.

Overall? I’m feeling good about life guys.

Really, REALLY good!

(Except for the bit where I stayed up until 1:30am last night watching Parks and Rec and then Gary’s alarm woke me up at 5:30am today. I’m not feeling quite so good about that bit…)

happy monday

1. Mr Men and Little Miss PJs. BEST. PJS. EVER. (They’re from Primark.)(Obviously.)

2. Buns at Brother Marcus. The lovely Jasmin invited me to down to the Brother Marcus evening menu launch in Balham last week. It’s a tiny but beautiful restaurant, and the food is insanely good. They specialise in giant sandwich buns, so we chose the pork belly with rocket and apple salad, and the Portobello mushroom with goat’s cheese. The cocktails are also incredible, with the ginger tequila and grapefruit coming in as a surprising favourite!

3. Parks and Rec. I’m obsessed. I haven’t been this hooked on a show since Friends. Seriously. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to properly sit down and watch it through. I heart Leslie, and I’m 99% that Andy is based on my actual boyfriend. It’s freaking us both out a bit tbh.

4. Spanish roast dinner. Gary made a Spanish inspired paprika roast chicken last night, with roasted peppers, carrots and tomatoes. He also made some roasted thyme sweet potatoes, and a gorgeous white wine and onion gravy. I made a lemony green salad to go with it, and it was the best Sunday dinner ever.

5. Blogging. I blogged 5 times last week for the first time in a year and OH BOY it felt good. My brain cloud seems to finally have lifted, and I’m so so excited for the coming months!!!

happy monday

6. Dirty burgers. I already blogged about it. There’s not much more to say.

7. Habitat Lightclub. To celebrate the launch of their new A/W lighting range, Habitat are hosting a Lightclub on the 27th of October. We went to the blogger preview on Thursday and GUYS IT’S SO MUCH FUN. It’s basically a faux-nightclub in the downstairs section of the Habitat Tottenham Court Road store, complete with DJ set, flashing lights, yummy canapés and delicious tequila cocktails. The best part? It’s completely free!! You can sign up for tickets online from the 22nd of September.

8. Tech-free date night. I made a beef and Guinness stew, we turned our phones off, and we played Monopoly all night (until 10pm when I fell asleep literally on top of the banker’s cash. #justcallmeGranny)

9. Room clearout. I put off packing up our room for as long as possible… But on Sunday I woke up feeling pumped and ready to tackle it head on. I got sent 2 large bin bags to charity, I cleared about 6 bags of rubbish, we packed up most of the clothes and books, and I’m SO ready for this move to be done now. I’m excited for a new start!

10. Lumos! I’m so excited to finally be able to announce some exciting news: I’m one of the new ambassadors for the We Are Lumos campaign!!! You can read more about it on my Facebook page, but the MOST exciting is that I’m going to the Lumos gala performance of The Cursed Child on Sunday and JK Rowling is going to be there and SQUEEEEEE. #fangirling

we are lumos

Aaaand I’ma leave it there.

Have a very wonderful week everyone! ♥︎


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