October 26, 2015
Happy Monday

Oh what a week!

I’m not entirely sure where my brain is at right now.

There’s been so much going on, that I actually had to sit down with my diary for this post, just to try to remember exactly what I did last week.

Our computer at work is still busted (seriously, Windows 10 has screwed it up BIG time), so I’ve been working on my laptop at the reception desk… which is fine.

Except that every time I get into a productive groove, another IT engineer turns up to have a tinker on the PC, and I get kicked off the desk and sent into a corner, where the wifi doesn’t work on my iPad.

I have emails piling up, an embarrassingly long list of blog posts that need to be written, an even LONGER list of blogposts to read (seriously, I miss catching up with you guys ♥), a bunch of social media strategies to organise and a training plan to put together for whoever takes over my reception desk.

I also have events to attend, new-job training and handovers to do, and a bedroom that currently looks like a rubbish tip cos Gary moved in last week and we have no storage space and no time to go to IKEA until next week.

Frazzled is a bit of an understatement!

But it’s aaaaaall OK.

Because it’s Monday. And Mondays are my favourite.

They make me feel like I’m hitting the reset button.

Last week was a mess? Maybe. But THIS week is new and I’m totally going to smash it.

The sun’ll come out tomorrow and all that jazz y’know?

Happy Monday

1. North Yorkshire! Oh Yorkshire. What a babe. So friendly and fresh-aired. Gary and I popped up to visit his family this weekend and it was laaavly. Full of good food, good company and golden leaves on the trees. Turns out North Yorkshire has super strong Autumn game!

2. Gary moved in. Eeek! Yes, the state of our room is currently freaking me out, but I’m so so excited for this new chapter. (Especially the part where I no longer have to drag seven hundred tote bags of stuff across London every time I go to stay at his house. OH YES. It’s all about the romance.)

3. Wardrobe clearout! Yep, more wardrobe clearouts. Every time I think I’m done, I find more stuff to get rid of. This time I’m being SUPER BRUTAL because apparently Gary has clothes that need to fit in my wardrobes now. And currently there is no room at the inn. So yeah. Bye bye clothes I don’t wear any more.

4. I accidentally got my lovely friend Jaye a bit drunk. Whilst waiting for our table for dinner, we went and found a bar in Soho with 50% off all drinks. We ordered prosecco by the bottle. It got hilarious. ♥

5. Flat Iron steaks. OH MAMA. I’m always a bit sceptical of places with a wait for dinner. Like, it’s Soho guys! Why are you waiting three hours when you could go next door for something else and not wait at all! BUT FLAT IRON WAS SO WORTH THE WAIT. Best steaks I’ve ever had. Best béarnaise I’ve ever had. Best dripping-cooked fries I’ve ever had. BEST BROCCOLI I’VE EVER HAD. Like, really. Amazing. I’m so going back. And I won’t even mind waiting a couple of hours for it.

Happy Monday

6. Into The Woods. My sister stayed over last night and after a weird supper of sourdough, bacon and feta, we settled down to finally, fiiiiinally watch Into The Woods. I actually did the show in my last year at uni (I’m basically Anna Kendrick IRL) so it was lovely to re-live it all! Was slightly gutted about some of the cut-outs (they took out No More which is one of my favourite songs!), but overall it’s a pretty solid adaptation.

7. ASOS dress. I HAVE A NEW DRESS. And it’s b-e-a-yooootiful. Full outfit post coming this week but OH I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

8. Sunrise. My confused brain isn’t quite sure what day it was, but there was the most BEAUTIFUL sunrise one morning this week. I was walking to work and just stopped to stare it for a little while. I was so caught up in it, I didn’t even take a photo. How’s that for a happy moment?

9. Self-love routine. There was an article on Buzzfeed the other day about giving yourself a self-love beauty routine. It was a really nice read, and I thought I’d give it a go myself yesterday. I curled my hair for the first time in what feels like forever, sat down in front of a mirror to do a proper makeup look and tried on a bunch of outfits all by myself. No photos, no blogging, just me having some fun. And it really did make me feel relaxed and happy again!

10. Tapas with my best bud. My best gal pal has been away in Bali so I haven’t seen her for a month. We had a massive wine and catch-up dinner at my favourite tapas restaurant on Thursday and it was BLISSFUL.

Happy Monday

I’d say I’m looking forward to a quieter week, but actually I have events every night this week again.

One of which involves going to a Halloween party dressed up as a slutty mouse with a back to front K stuck onto my chest…


I’m very excited about that one.

It’s gonna be so fetch.

Have an EXCELLENT week and a very Happy Monday everybody! ♥


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