September 19, 2016
we are lumos gala

Happy Monday!


Holy smokes what a bloody incredible, utterly fabulous and absolutely INSANE week.

Gary and I are in our new flat. It is tiny and adorable and has huge windows and I’m already a bit in love.

Four of our lovely friends helped us move, and we managed to time it for the hottest September day in 50 years. It was a sweaty couple of hours, but we got everything in, even the massive white IKEA desk I was convinced was never going to fit down our staircase. But it’s here, and so are we, and we’re very very happy.

Here’s hoping it lasts! (I think it will.)

In other exciting news: I ONLY BLOODY WENT AND MET LUNA LOVEGOOD. Yesterday is definitely going on my list of best days of all time. It’s probably (definitely) in the top 5.

I mentioned last week that Charlie, Katie, Ashleigh, Claire and I had all been asked to become blog ambassadors for Lumos and yesterday we had the absolute honour of meeting the rest of the charity’s ambassadors, at a special talk at the Hospital Club.

We had a super inspiring morning hearing from the executive chief of the charity, as well as members of the Harry Potter cast (including Evanna Lynch, Jason Isaacs and Warwick Davis!) followed by attending the charity gala performance of The Cursed Child.

A full post will be coming next week but like I said:


we are lumos gala

1. Meeting Evanna Lynch. Not only is she the embodiment of my fave Harry Potter character, she is also the loveliest, friendliest human you can imagine. We shook hands, we took photos, and then she came over to our table and chatted to us for ages and we watched videos of Chris Martin playing Harry Potter songs on her phone. So normal, so sweet, so LOVELY.

2. Lasagne arancini. You heard me. LASAGNE. ARANCINI. You can get them at Vico near Leicester Square. You’re welcome.

3. The new flat. I LOVE our new flat. It’s tiny, but the sofa and bed are both ridiculously comfy, the shower is hot and powerful, the windows are big and light, and it’s OURS. Our own little nest that we don’t have to share with anyone. Once I finish unpacking, and we pick up a few pretty bits ot decorate, it’s going to be utterly perfect.

4. Howl’s Moving Castle. MY FAVOURITE FILM! (One of them anyway.) I’ve not been able to watch it for yearsssss cos for some reason none of the Studio Ghibli films are online, but I ordered the dvd last week and Gary and I watched it and it’s just as good as I remembered ♥︎

5. Flat Iron. This place never gets old. I met Jaye for a quick lunch in town on the day of the move. We decided it would be rude to break with tradition and headed straight for our favourite steak place in Soho. Dripping cooked fries, creamed spinach, medium-rare steaks and the most perfect Bearnaise sauce of all time ever. Never disappoints.

flat iron london

6. Bangarang hangouts. However tired, grumpy, hot and bothered I feel, I always know that the hour and a bit commute to the lovely Emma’s house, to go and hang out with this BRILLIANT bunch of women, is always completely worth it. Within ten minutes of arriving, I had a glass of prosecco in hand and was rolling around the floor laughing. My gal pals (and Pablo) are everything that’s good in this world.

7. My new shiny skirt. The lovely team at Very gifted me this FABULOUS metallic pleated skirt at their V by Very launch party on Thursday and I LOVE it. It’s comfy, stylish and Luna Lovegood said she liked it. The end.

8. JK Rowling. WHAT A WOMAN. JK did a live intro speech at the show yesterday and she is the most eloquent, inspiration and FIERCE lady. If I can grow up to be half as brilliant as she is, I will consider my life a success.

9. “A letter from the dog about the new baby“. I snorted out loud and cried laughing at this one. (Warning: lots of swears.)

10. The Cursed Child. Yesterday was my second time watching this show and it was just as magical and brilliant as the first. In fact, it was probably better, because they’ve ironed out all the kinks and smoothed out the edges since previews, and because I knew the plot, I could focus on the stagecraft and performances. Which FYI were all STELLAR. Especially Stuart Ramsey, who had his first ever performance as Harry Potter’s understudy and was absolutely fab ♥︎

the cursed child

This week so far: theatre with Charlie, architecture with Tasha, cooking with Charlie, and brunch with Charlie. (There is a lot of Charlie in my life this week. I kinda like this.)

On days when there is no Charlie: there will be cooking of food and watching of Parks and Rec.

I hope you have a lovely, lovely weekend too! ♥︎


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