My Swishy White Midi Skirt

I love swishy midi skirts.

And I really reaaaally love this swishy WHITE midi skirt.

It’s light and summery and so perfect for our current crazy London weather.

I feel a tad uncomfortable when I wear short skirts these days (partly because HELLO Food Blogger Fifteen, nice of you to make an appearance on my thighs…), so swishy midis are perfect for giving me a bit more cover, whilst still feeling light and cool, and looking awesome.

They’re comfy and flattering and super easy to dress up or down depending what shoes you wear.

I wore this white midi skirt out for drinks with Gary a couple of weekends ago and sneakily bribed him (with promises of beer) to snap a few pics for me.

And I LOVE this outfit!

It also works really well with strappy tops and ballet flats (or sandals if you happen to like your feet – which I don’t), and all you have to do to dress it up is add some pointy heels or strappy platforms.


new look white midi skirt

new look white midi skirt

new look white midi skirt

The eagle-eyed (and long-time readers) among you may be looking at this skirt thinking: hang on… this looks familiar… isn’t that…?

Yes. You are correct.

This white midi skirt is, in fact, EXACTLY the same as my beloved stripy one, the one that I wear EVERYWHERE and have featured multiple times on this blog, as well as on my Instagram.

Not only did New Look re-release the stripy one, but they also popped them out in new colours!

Unfortunately they’ve already managed to sell out all except the stripy one. (I had my eye on the pale blue and am so gutted it’s already gone… SIGH.)

However, all is not lost!

If you’re desperate for a white midi skirt (or a pale blue midi skirt, or any other piece of clothing!), I have a little trick for you.

Simply head to the Octer website (or download the mobile app), type in exactly what it is you’re looking for and BAM.

There you go. A full catalog of every single shop selling that exact product.

It’s so good!

You can filter by price, brand, size… all sorts of things. It makes it SO easy to find specific items and means I’ve been discovering new brands I’d never have looked at otherwise.

It also means that sometimes I find things I must have missed on my favourite shopping websites. I hadn’t actually spotted this on the proper New Look site (despite my bi-weekly stalking of their New In range…) so Octer was really helpful for that!

new look white skirt

new look white midi skirt

Seriously, how good is Gary’s photography getting?! #instagramboyfriend

I did actually forget to ask him to take detail shots, so apologies for the full-length and face portrait spam…

Shirt: Primark || Skirt: New Look (stripy one) || Shoes: Primark || Bag: ASOS || Watch: Tissot
Earrings: I have literally no idea || Bracelet: The Charms Works || Necklace: birthday present

*Skirt chosen by me and paid for by Octer.
The words and swishy skirt loving is all mine.