Florals For Autumn (Groundbreaking)

Look at me taking over famous quotes and making them my own!

What a rebel.

It seems to be a Thing that I like doing. I think most of my outfit posts now are named after either song lyrics or film quotes.

Apparently I lack originality.


Autumn florals.

Who doesn’t love an Autumn floral?

Miranda Priestly might be SO over flowers for Spring, but I bet even SHE loves Autumn florals!

(Say Autumn florals again.)

(See what I did there?)(I stole another film quote).

autumn florals

autumn florals

autumn florals

This fab little number is new to my wardrobe and I’m already a bit in love with it. It’s House of Fraser and an absolute bargain at £26.

It’s soft and silky and sooo comfortable to wear, as well as being super pretty.

Billowy, three-quarter length sleeves and the faux-wrap-front top give it a slight boho-y 70’s feel, which I’m loving because TRENDS.

And it has a discreet elasticated waistband, which is my favourite thing at the moment. (Y’know the infamous Fresher 15? Yeah well I’ve got the Food Blogger 15…)

Initially I was going to style this with black tights and stilettos and a blazer thrown oh-so-casually over my shoulders. (Cos Fashion Blogger clichés are my favourite kind of clichés.)

And I did actually REALLY like that outfit…

But it’s not really me. YaknowwhatImean?

It felt too glamorous and grown up and strange. My style is much more chilled and a LOT less glam.

So I stripped off (ohh-er) and went back to the drawing board.

And came up with this!

(Which basically just means I reverted to type and threw on all black accessories…)

autumn florals

autumn florals

autumn florals

Don’t you just love fashion contrasts?

There’s something so yummy about mixing a pretty, delicate dress with edgy leather and gold details.

It makes me feel stylish and strong, and it’s a styling uniform I always seem to fall back on.

Kind of like an upgraded version of my Style Concepts!

Do you have a particular styling trick like this that helps you put outfits together? :)

I’d love to hear ’em!

Maybe it will give me the kick I need to branch out of my comfort zone a bit…

Dress: House of Fraser* | Shoes: New Look (similar + similar)
Watch: New Look | Bag: New Look (similar) | Belt: old

*I was gifted the dress.
As always, if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t blog it! :)