I don’t think I could ever get tired of brunch.

There’s just something about the mix of eggs, carbs, coffee, friends and alcohol that makes my soul happy.

But between a stressful December and an uninspiring January, brunch outings have been few and far between. I hadn’t had a chance to catch up with my girl friends for aaaages and was very much in need of a good chat and some good grub.

So on Sunday, Claire and I bundled up warm and set off to try the new brunch menu at Boondocks!

Boondocks Bloody Mary Boondocks restayrant

A ten minute walk from Old Street tube station, Boondocks is run by the same team behind Stax, the hugely popular American diner in Soho.

It features a menu heavy on calorific American classics, including a ton of pancake, waffle and French toast options.

It also has one of the coolest interiors I’ve seen so far in London!

Sheet music papers on the walls, fairy lights and jam jars of dried flowers hanging from the ceiling, and a giant chandelier made from re-purposed coke bottles.

Throw in the neon lights and super-friendly staff, and you’ve got yourself a proper American hangout.

Boondocks restaurant interior Boondocks brunch menuBoondocks decor details Huevos Muteleños at Boondocks

We both decided to take advantage of the Bootsie Brunch Special, which costs just £18 and includes (wait for it): bottomless tea or coffee, an orange juice or a Bloody Mary, your choice of any main brunch dish, and two side dishes.

Claire chose the Huevos Muteleños for her main. Despite the Spanish ‘ñ’, I actually have no idea what Muteleños means – but it’s definitely delicious!

A soft tortilla, piled high with poached eggs, fried corn, guacamole, black bean relish, cheese, crema mexicana, coriander, and fried plantain (she only got two tiny pieces of this though, which we both found odd).

I was torn between two for my main, but ended up ordering the Bojangles, a buttermilk biscuit topped with poached eggs, crispy fried chicken, hot sauce and cheese sauce.

It’s never going to win awards for presentation, but this was SO GOOD.

The chicken was crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. The eggs were perfectly gooey. And the buttermilk biscuit was both bizarre and awesome. It’s a bit of a mix between a scone and an English muffin, and I really liked it!

Buttermilk biscuit, fried chicken, poached eggs and hashbrowns biscuits and gravy in London

We shared four sides between us, which turned out to be a RIDICULOUS amount of food.

A double portion of hash-browns were hot and crispy, but nothing special.

The fruit salad was reaaaally good. Tons of berries, some pineapple, melon, and the quirky addition of pomegranate seeds. This turned out to be a great choice as it was a nice refreshing breather from all the other carb-heavy dishes!

We also ordered a portion of the biscuits and gravy. I’ve heard people talk about this weird American classic a few times before, but had never tried it for myself.

The scone/muffin hybrid biscuits are topped with a rich “gravy” made from beef sausage. It’s basically a meaty béchamel sauce, which I was sceptical about right up until I stuck the first forkful in my mouth.

Holy sausage, it was good. 100% would order again!

Boondocks fruit salad Bondocks Old Street

Overall, I really enjoyed Boondocks!

The food was delicious, the staff were fantastic, and I looooved the quirky decor.

They’ve also got a function room downstairs, which they use to host free movie nights once a month! It’s all decked out with a bar, popcorn machine and beach chairs, and you just order food if and when you want it.

Fried chicken, waffles, and Clueless? Count me in!

*We were guests of Boondocks’ for this visit.
All words, photos and biscuit loving are my own! :)