A London Date Night At The Back Room Wine Bar

November 15, 2017
kitty hawk wine bar

I’ve found a(nother) new date spot for you, Londoners!

Whether you’re going on a proper “this could be my soulmate” date, or just meeting one of your best friends for a long overdue catch-up, every good date venue needs three things: nice drinks, good food, and a fab atmosphere.

Well I have just the thing: head to Moorgate station, and grab yourself a table at The Back Room Wine Bar.

kitty hawk wine bar kitty hawk back room wine bar rose wine

By day, The Back Room is a cool coffee shop, serving house blend espressos, cold-pressed juices, and a selection of salads, cakes and salt beef sandwiches.

But come evening-time, the lights are dimmed and the space is transformed into a fab contemporary wine bar.

It’s the perfect blend of fancy and casual, and I reaaaally loved the decor. Cement floors, marble countertops, wooden tables, leather seats, glass light fixtures, and copper lamps? Sign me up!

kitty hawk back room wine barcharcuterie and cheese board bread and crackers

The menu is kept super simple, with cheese and charcuterie being the main contenders. This is a place for snacking, not dining. (You can always head to the lovely Kitty Hawk restaurant next door if you fancy something more substantial!)

We started with glasses of wonderfully dry and peachy rose, teamed with a mixed cheese and charcuterie board. We also had sourdough bread, cherry preserves, and the really yummy fruit and nut crackers pictured above.

It was all absolutely delicious, but I’m not gonna lie, it is a bit pricey. Maybe one to keep for a slightly special occasion, or if you’re looking to splash out a bit.

cheese and charcuterie at kitty hawk's abck room wine barkitty hawk back room bar

The star of the show at The Back Room is, of course, the wine.

The sommelier (he told us he prefers to be called “the wine guy”) changes the wine list every week, so you’ll rarely get the same thing twice. I’m really boring with wine and tend to drink the same types over and over (sauvignon blanc for white, and malbec for red), so it was nice to get the chance to experiment a bit.

The Wine Guy knows his stuff, so if you’re not sure what you fancy, he can help you choose. We decided we wanted white wine for our second glass, so he very kindly gave us a little tasting to narrow down our options.

The first one was cool and acidic. The second was crisp and clear. And the third option was rich, honeyed, and juuuuuust right. So we ordered a full glass of it!

wine tasting at kitty hawkblue sofa cheese and charcuterie

Overall: a solid city date venue. It’s pricey but worth it, and a great place to start the evening.

Jasmin and I had a wonderful night, and we’ve both agreed we’ll be back soon with our respective man-dates. I’m aiming to convince Gary that cement floors would TOTALLY work in our tiny first floor flat… What do you think of my chances? (I’m not optimistic tbh.)

Guess I’ll just have to live vicariously through The Back Room!

*We were guests of The Kitty Hawk for this visit.


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