A Beautiful Dinner at Roast Restaurant in Borough Market

August 25, 2017
little miss katy

I can’t remember the last time I was THIS excited to post a restaurant review!

Gary and I celebrated our anniversary at Roast Restaurant a few weeks ago, and I’ve been raving about it ever since.

Stylish interiors, gorrrrgeous food, beautiful wines, and a view of St Paul’s Cathedral.

What’s not to rave about?

date night at roast restaurantroast restaurant, borough market

Roast Restaurant has been open in London’s Borough Market for 12 years, and yet somehow, I’d never even heard of it before now.

The entrance is tucked away in the market, round the corner of Brindisa’s deli. A flight of stairs (or the lift), then takes you up to the restaurant lobby on the first floor.

With amaaaazing floor to ceiling windows and views over Borough Market and beyond, the whole space is absolutely stunning. It’s all light and bright and airy, with tons of natural light streaming in. Portraits of British celebs line the white walls (hey there Stephen Fry!), and all the furniture is very classic and simple.

The effect is very stylish, but relaxed and welcoming. No trendy neon lights or distressed wood: you’re here for the food, not the decor.

borough market bread roast restaurant bar with a view of borough marketchampagne toast

I arrived just after 6:30pm to find Gary sat at a beautiful table by the window, with a perfect view of St Paul’s Cathedral across the railway lines.

We started with two glasses of perfectly chilled champagne, and a bowl of lovely fresh bread and salty butter.

The bread is purchased from one of the stalls in Borough Market, and they actually try to source as many ingredients as they can from the market stalls.

roast restaurant, borough market scallops with gooseberries

To the food!

For his starter, Gary ordered the scallops with gooseberries, fennel, sorrel, and smoked almond dressing. It was utterly delicious, the sharp gooseberries cutting through the smooth scallops and creamy almond sauce.

The menu changes seasonally, and this is one of the dishes they apparently update regularly. I’ve just looked it up, and now they’re serving the scallops with fennel, blueberries, lavender and the same smoked almond dressing.

It’s definitely one I’d be excited to try again in future!

cheddar and charcoal souffle

For my starter, I chose the cheddar and charcoal souffle. (Because cheese). And OH. MY. GOD.

I’m a fast eater, but I dragged this one out for as long as I could cos it was just so freaking good. The black souffle is light and fluffy, filled with cheese and a very subtle hint of smokiness from the charcoal.

It arrived baked in a pool of the most delicious cheese sauce, and my only very small comment is about the oyster mushrooms. They were fine, but there weren’t really enough of them, and you couldn’t really taste them through the cheese either. Just seemed kinda pointless.

charcoal black soufflebritish roast dinner

For mains, we stuck to the roast dinner menu:

I ordered the pork belly and mashed potato. Because whenever pork belly is on the menu, I always have to order it. It’s a personal rule of mine.

This one was cooked perfectly: rolled up around a little herby stuffing, and still sliiiightly pink in the middle.

The crackling was crunchy and salty and perfect. The mash was creamy but could have done with touch more seasoning. And the gravy was also absolutely fantastic. So full of flavour!

roast pork bellyroast beef and yorkshire pudding

Gary had the roast beef, and we both agreed it was one of the best roast beefs we’ve ever tried.

I pretty much never order roast beef when I’m out, because 99% of the time I find it dry and tough, but this was sheer perfection. It was cooked to a perfectly pink medium-rare, and was SO tender and juicy.

His meal came served with perfect crispy potatoes (roasted with rosemary), a giant Yorkshire pudding, and more of that yummy gravy.

10/10 would order again.

creamed spinach and nutmegroasted courgettes and sun blanched tomatoes

We also ordered two sides to share (because sharing is caring, and vegetables are good for you):

The creamed spinach with nutmeg was rich, indulgent, delicious, and probably NOT the healthiest way to eat vegetables. But screw it, it was yummy.

The roasted courgettes were perfectly cooked. They still had some crunch and colour to them, and were lovely alongside the juicy tomatoes and chopped herbs.


view from roast restaurant london little miss katy

(Happiest with my lipstick rubbed off and my belly full of food.)

By this point, we were both pretty full. Our meals had been utterly delicious and I just keep sighing with happiness.

I was honestly going to say no to pudding, but then we asked to just look at the menu, and then Gary was ordering one, and… well. I ordered pudding.

apple and berry crumble with custard

I’m usually more of savoury girl, and 9 times out of 10, I’ll choose a cheese board over a sweet pudding.

And the cheese board looked GOOD! Roast Restaurant source all their cheeses from the Borough Market stalls, and looking at it now, I would be all over the Goddess cheese and pear chutney combo. But after my mega-cheesy souffle, I was all cheesed out (I know, I was worried for me too).

Luckily, Roast Restaurant also had my second favourite dessert on the menu: Bramley apple and berry crumble with English vanilla custard.

The fruit was soft and sweet and tart and all at once. There was just the right ratio of apple to pistachio-crumble topping. And the custard was smooth and absolutely gorgeous. Perfection.

sticky date pudding with ice cream

Gary’s all-time favourite dessert is a sticky toffee pudding, and Roast Restaurant’s sticky date pudding with toffee sauce, almond brittle and clotted cream definitely hit the spot.

Soft sponge infused with sweet and sticky dates. Cool, rich cream, and that sprinkling of crunchy brittle on top… Absolutely delicious, but verrrry rich. Maybe one to save for a day when you don’t want a starter!

roast borough market

(We sat in that middle table by the big window above!)

Honestly: I would give this place 10 stars if I could. We loved every minute and every bite!

The restaurant is pricey, there’s no doubt about it. Starters are between £8 and £14, mains start at around £28, and the sides are £5 a pop.

But the food is incredddddible, and the whole experience is just so friendly and relaxed. I couldn’t stop smiling, and kept telling Gary how much I liked it.

It’s perfect for special occasions. If you want to splash out on great food in a lovely setting, this is definitely the place to go.

(And I know where I’m booking for my birthday dinner!)

*We were guests of Roast Restaurant for this visit,
but I am
totally going back and paying the £28 for that beef!


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