Giant Burgers at Tiger Tiger in Piccadilly

October 13, 2015
Tiger Tiger burger challenge

My friend Jaye recently suggested that I change my blog name to Burger Katy.

Is this a sign that I eat too many burgers? Yes? No? Maybe?

But the thing is, if I didn’t eat all the burgers, then there would be no burger photos. And without the burger photos, you guys would probably stop visiting my blog.

So really, it’s just a necessity. I HAVE TO EAT THE BURGERS.

(That makes sense, right?) (Though no, I am not changing my blog name to Burger Katy.)

Now, some of you may remember that last month I took on the Dirty Bones Mac Attack Burger Challenge. … And I failed. Pretty spectacularly failed.

So when the lovely Kelly dropped me an invite to go and give the Tiger Tower Burger Challenge at Tiger Tiger a go, I had to say yes.

My reputation was on the line y’know? I had to go and redeem myself. I had no choice. I had to eat. that. burger.

Tiger Tiger burger challengeTiger Tiger burger challenge

And oh boy what a burger!

A perfectly cooked beef patty, topped with cheese, a butterflied chicken breast, slices of crispy bacon, onion rings and burger sauce. All sandwiched between a brioche burger bun. Served with fries, coleslaw, a beer and a shot of Jack Daniels.

A BEER. AND A SHOT. OF JACK DANIELS. It’s part of the meal deal. And I have no shame in saying that I drank neither the beer nor the JD. Because beer fills me up too much, and whiskey is just… ew. No.

HOWEVER. I did finish the burger. ALL OF IT. And I even managed most of the fries and the coleslaw. And Erica and I were the only ones who managed it. Out of a group of 10. So now I feel validated and victorious. (Ahh alliteration. What a babe.)

The burger itself was DELICIOUS. Juicy and flavourful and full of yum. A few of us commented that it tasted kinda like an upgraded Big Mac, and that made us happy. Not quite up to Bleeker Street standard (I doubt I’ll EVER find somewhere that is!), but still a really good burger.

The fries were crispy, but could have done with some more salt added to them.

We also ordered a stack of chocolate and mango pancakes to try after, but I just couldn’t quite warm to them. The mango and chocolate didn’t really work together and the pancakes were just bland and nondescript.

So yeah. Go for the burger tower and skip dessert! (I seem to say that a lot don’t I?)

Tiger Tiger burger challengeTiger Tiger burger challenge

We had a great evening. The staff were lovely, the food was good and the passionfruit cocktails were nice and strong (just the way we like ’em!)…

But. I have to admit that, overall, I kinda think that the pricing here is their only downfall. To me, £25 for a burger, fries, beer and a shot, just feels like a bit of a rip-off.

We were hanging out near Piccadilly Circus, which probably had something to do with it. (TOURISTS. TOURISTS EVERYWAH.)

But I just don’t think I could justify going back again for it. Which is a bit of a shame, cos it really was yummy!

Tiger Tiger burger challenge



*I was gifted my meal in exchange for a review.
As always, all thoughts, words, photos and ridiculous faces are mine.


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