October 12, 2015
Happy Monday

I actually can’t believe it’s Monday already.

Like, my birthday was a week ago? Really? WHAT?


My concept of time is all messed up at the moment.

Like, how am I 24 already?

How is it already 10 years ago since I had my first kiss, 6 years since I moved to the UK and 3 years since I graduated? How are my school and uni friends already getting married and having babies?

I’m not gonna lie, it kinda freaks me out a lot.

I realise I say this pretty much on a weekly basis, but I have a slight obsession with time.

(Aaaaaaaaaand I may have watched Interstellar (again) last night, which probably hasn’t helped the whole time-confusion situation.)

(As a side note, I’d forgotten how freaking BRILLIANT that film is!)

(Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain… all absolutely amazing. And Baby-Edward-and-Bella from Twilight? WHAT AN ACTRESS. I’m so so impressed by her every time I watch it.)

ANYWAY. Back to the blogpost.

I hope you’ve all had a fab week? :)

Most of you already know that mine was pretty fantabulous!! (If not, you should probs go read this post to catch up on all the exciting news!)

I’ve also had a bunch of events to attend, where I managed to catchup with a whole GANG of my fave blogger pals. My favourite kind of events ♥

On the flip side of that, I’d planned to spend most of yesterday afternoon tucked up in bed blogging my little heart out, but actually I went for a nap. And then couldn’t quite lift myself back into productive mode.

So I sat and read Harry Potter and drunk many cups of tea.

Zero blogger points for me!

But I’m feeling relaxed and chilled and ready to take on the world now.

So let’s get this Monday party staaaaarteeeed!

Happy Monday

1. BURGERS. Burgers made with beef and chicken and bacon and onion rings and fries. And beer. And Jack Daniels. Post coming tomorrow. But here’s a preview: it was yummmm.

2. New job!!! Spoilers for those of you who didn’t follow the catchup instructions above. Not-so-spoilers for anyone who’s already sick of me talking about it all the time, everywhere. But yeah. I has a new job. And I keep doing happy skippy dances when I’m on my own cos I’m so excited.

3. The new Extra chewing gum advert. I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING. (It’s beautiful.)

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4. Salsa dancing. I’m pretty good at salsa dancing. Probably not very modest of me, but there ya go. I know what I’m good at, and I REALLY know what I’m not good at, and salsa dancing is one of the former. I went to a fab event at Wonderush on Saturday that saw me trying a whole host of super fun activities, and I absolutely adored getting back into salsa. It’s something I did a lot in Spain, first at school (Spanish P.E. curriculums are AWESOME) and then later in salsa bars, and I’d forgotten how much I loved it!

5. Ukelele! More things I learned at Wonderush: I bloody love the ukelele and now I want one. Preferably a pink one. Possibly a turquoise. I’m not quite decided yet.

6. My abysmal life drawing. So y’know how I said that I know what I’m NOT good at? Well, err… turns out life drawing falls into that category. At the same Wonderush event, we had a burlesque performance artist in who showed off her moves and then posed for us to draw her. The first image below is my er… STUNNING contribution. And the second image is what happened when Lauren got her hands on said drawing and then turned it into a meme. I think I cried laughing for about half an hour when I first saw it.

Happy Monday

Happy Monday

7. Hair research. So, a very long time ago, I promise myself that if and when I ever left the corporate world, I’d dye my hair pink. I still haven’t quite decided if I’m brave enough yet, but I’ve been having SO MUCH FUN looking it all up on Pinterest! I’m now starting to lean more towards lavender. Mostly cos I’ve realised I have really pink skin, and matchy-matchy is not a good look for me. What do you think?

8. Duck and Waffle sunrise. I have a thing for sunrises and sunsets. So for my birthday this year, I asked Gary to take me for an early sunrise breakfast at Duck and Waffle. Pink skies, strong coffee and the amazing duck and waffle signature dish. If that’s not worth getting up at 5am for, I don’t know what is.

9. This pink unicorn onesie. I want and need it in my life.

10. Cocktails from Mission at LCW. Vicky and I headed on down to Spitalfields on Thursday for pizza + £5 cocktails at London Cocktail Week. She insisted we stop by the Mission stand and we ended up staying for 3 rounds because these lemon + almond beauties were the best thing either of us had drunk in A VERY LONG TIME. So good. So, so, sooooo good.

Happy Monday

Apartfrom time, here’s another thing I’m currently freaking out about: the state of my to-do list.

I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I have 3 pages FRONT AND BACK (#RossGeller) of things I have to plan, write, organise, schedule and plain ol’ get done by the 9th of November (my new job starting date).


At the moment I’m just trying to split my one huge, mighty list into a few smaller, task and category-based ones, so I can start to tackle them without having a panic attack every time I look at everything I need to accomplish in the next month.

Seriously. My time-management and organisation skills are about to get a SERIOUS workout.

And on that note, I’m going to stop waffling.



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