An Aussie Brunch at Brickwood in Clapham

I love brunch.


Breakfast has always been my favourite meal of the day and brunch just manages to take it to a whole new level. Cos there’s more food choices and you can drink alcohol.

(Which I find actually tends to improve most things in life.)

Last weekend Gary and I decided to treat ourselves to brunch at Brickwood Clapham.

I thought we’d managed to do most of the brunch spots around our side of town, but I spotted this place on one of my Instagram binges last week and couldn’t believe I’d missed it!

It’s right outside Clapham Common station, next to Honky Tonk and my fave tapas restaurant, and is usually rammed apparently, but we managed to drag ourselves out of bed early enough  to grab the very last available table for two.

Even then, there was a long queue of people waiting for bigger tables and takeaway coffees.

First impressions: BUSY. TINY. SQUISHED. But so cute. Lots of wood and stone and pretty green touches. Would be a fantastic place to take a laptop and work in!

brickwood brunchbrickwood brunch

The service is super fast, and we quickly ordered and received two coffees. They weren’t quite hot enough but the blend is SO GOOD. I’d actually received a bag of their ground coffee a few months back and it was as good as I remembered it!

For brunch, Gary ordered the sweet potato, feta and poached eggs on sourdough toast drizzled with kale pesto, which was AMAZING. I nicked some of it and then went back for more cos it was so good.

So health, so yum.

The whole menu is inspired by Aussie and Kiwi cuisine, so it’s all super healthy and sunshiny and delicious.

I had the smashed avocado on toast, with poached eggs and grilled chorizo. The avo was very under-seasoned (where that salt and lemon juice at yo?) but the eggs were PERFECT.

Like, for real the best poached eggs I’ve ever had. Huge and fresh and so perfectly cooked!

brickwood brunch brickwood brunch brickwood brunch

Shall we take a closer look at that egg?

OK. If you insist…

brickwood brunch


So good.

Add a bit more seasoning to that avo and it would have been pretty much there!

We also had a yummy green juice to share and more coffees to finish with, and the whole bit came to about £16 each, which I thought was pretty reasonable.

(I mean, still not great… but it’s London. So y’know. Reasonable-ish.)

The only issue we really had was with the space. Poor old Gary kept getting bashed about every time somebody tried to walk past cos the walkway was too small.

They’ve got an outdoor seating area though, and I bet in Summer time it’s going to be gorgeous! :)