November 10, 2014
Happy Monday 001

A couple of weeks ago I wrote my 10 Good Things in a Bad Week post and you guys had an amazing reaction to it.

I got such lovely feedback, and so many of you got in touch to tell me how much you enjoyed it, that I really wanted to continue it as a series.

BUT, I also wanted to find my own angle for it. There are already so many awesome bloggers doing this as a regular thing (Cider with Rosie’s are my faves at the moment!) that I really wanted to put a fresh take on it.

This got me to thinking about WHY I enjoy writing and reading these posts. And it’s pretty simple really: they cheer me up and make me feel happy.

Then, last week, I was blearily scrolling through my Twitter feed on my Monday morning commute when it hit me: My entire newsfeed, both on Facebook and Twitter, is always incredibly depressing on a Monday. Cos everyone hates getting up super-early to go to work after a lovely weekend, don’t they?

But I started thinking about what I can do to feel better about it. And how could I help YOU feel better about it! How do you keep hold of the thought that Monday is the start to a new week, and a whole host of new and exciting possibilities?

I decided that thinking over 10 things that have made me smile recently is possibly the BEST way to start my week. It’s a quick shot of optimism that will hopefully put me in a great frame of mind to kick-start my week in a really positive way.

And I hope it will inspire you to think over the stuff that’s made you happy! :)

Happy Monday 001Happy Monday 001

1. The first Starbucks Christmas coffee of the season. I went for a Toffee Nut latte which was fab! Also a big fan of their new Honey and Almond Hot Chocolate. Tastes exactly like marzipan!

2. Buying this OUTRAGEOUS Christmas jumper in Primark. It’s the ugliest sweater you’ve ever seen, with bells and sequins and Christmas patches all over it. And I’m totally in love ♥

3. Tapas, sangria and a hilarious, gossipy catchup with my girl Vicky on Friday night. There’s nothing quite like Spanish food and great friends to start a weekend off well.

4. Steak and wine at a fab local Italian restaurant with Gary on Saturday night ♥

5. The adorable old gentleman in a three-piece suit who asked me whether I was OK yesterday. I’d lost my Oyster card and was having a “bit” of a panic attack about getting stranded with a ripped Primark bag (London buses don’t take cash anymore GRRR!) and also having to buy a new monthly tube pass (because broke). He offered to give me some money for a taxi home and, even though I politely said no thanks, the fact that he stopped to help was really nice of him.

6. Ticking off pretty much my entire Blogging To Do list on Thursday. SO SATISFYING.

7. Listening to the whole of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album on the tube this morning. I’m completely obsessed with Style!

8. My phone died on Friday night and I didn’t recharge it again until Sunday. I still had my iPad to tweet occasionally, but not having my phone with me for a whole two days was sooo liberating!

9. Going for a walk in a cemetery with Gary yesterday (stay with me here). Clear blue skies, hot chocolate, crisp air and orange leaves everywhere. I love cemeteries. I’m fascinated by the history in them and I always like reading the names and epitaphs. Feels like I’m reviving their memory, even if only briefly. Is that weird?

10. Hitting 500 followers on Bloglovin. YOU GUYS ROCK!

Happy Monday 001


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