August 22, 2016
little miss katy

Happy Monday!

So, fun story: I started writing this post at 11am this morning. Then I got distracted by Pinterest and, consequently, Etsy, and so I’ve spent the past 4 hours down a homeware/kitchenware/interior black hole.

My wishlist currently sits at about £18,000 and includes about 18 blankets, 12 cushions, several Le Creuset pots and a whooooole lotta copper and rose gold. Not to mention the slow-cooker and blender I’ve already told Gary I want for my birthday because I’M AN ADULT NOW DON’T YOU KNOW.

I know. I don’t recognize myself anymore either.

I’ll tell you one thing though: I’m feeling much, much better than I was last week. Thank you for all your lovely, lovely comments on my miserable anxiety post. I’ve read every single one of them and I appreciate them all so so much. ♥

The rest of Thursday was pretty grey, I cried all over poor old Jaye and into my pretty epic Franco Manca pizza, then went home and cried all over Gary, slept for 8 hours and woke up on Friday feeling chirpier and more energetic than I have in a long time.

So hopefully this is me on my way back up again.

Oooooh and I dyed my hair again!!! Except actually I guess it was more of an UN-dying (if that’s even a word).

I picked up some Colour B4 on Friday after work, smothered my head in the stuff, wrapped it in clingfilm, let it rest for an hour, and then rinsed it with the buffer shampoo et voila! Bye bye red, and hello light blonde.

It’s much lighter than I thought it would be, but that’s because I tried bleaching the red out last week and apparently that went all the way through the red on to my natural colour. I had to run out to Superdrug on Saturday morning in search of a toner but I’m actually pretty happy with it!

I’m going to smother it in coconut oil for a week or two, then try and add in some whiter blonde on the ends, to give it a bit of an ombre effect.

What do you think?

little miss katy

1. Red lipstick. I lost my favourite lipstick last Winter and finally got round to re-purchasing it this weekend: Kate Moss’ matte lippie in Kiss of Life. It’s my all-time favourite red, and no matter how many other variations I try, I always go back to this perfect shade.

2. Nominations! Despite how weird I felt about it last week, I couldn’t have a Happy Monday post without mentioning the blog awards! Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU again for helping me get shortlisted for not one but TWO Blogger’s Blog Awards.

3. Sweet potato fajitas. I made sweet potato and red pepper fajitas, served with guacamole and a glass of red wine on the side, and hot diggity they were good. Definitely going into my weekly dinner rotation!

4. Colouring. I switched my phone off for a couple of hours yesterday, changed into my comfiest Harry Potter PJs, made myself a cup of tea, and did some colouring. It was so damn nice.

5. Dishoom. Let’s not beat around the bush here guys: this food is ugly. BUT OH IT’S GOOD. The black dahl, the chicken biryani, the Ruby curry, the paneer tikka… it’s all sensational. Grab a bunch of your best pals, book a table, EAT EVERYTHING, and thank me later.

house of minalima london

6. House of Minalima’s Harry Potter exhibition. If you are a Potter geek, then you need to visit House of Minalima (it’s round the corner from the Cursed Child theatre). Not only is it home to some of the original artwork designs from the Harry Potter movies (courtesy of designers Mina and Lima) – but it’s FREE. Free free free! And the floor is the Marauder’s map, and there are Hogwarts letters on the stairs, and you can buy prints of the book covers, and it. is. AMAZING.

7. ‘Please Don’t Go‘ by Joel Adams. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG.

8. Hygge. Hannah introduced me to Hygge in her blog post last week and now I basically need it to be Autumn already so I have a legit excuse for curling up with knitted socks and candles and food. Thanks.

9. Slippers. That feeling when you’ve been wearing heels at a wedding all day and then the party favours are slippers and you put them on as soon as you’re in the taxi home. BLISSSSSSS. (And bonus points for the slippers being grey and white striped ballet slippers. ADORABLE.)

10. Friends. Friends who read your blog posts and leave you lovely comments. Friends who take you for pizza and wine and Harry Potter when you’re having a bad day. Friends who text you to see how you’re doing and compliment your hair. Friends who meet you for brunch and then run around Shoreditch with you for hours on end whilst you stock up on Instagram fodder. Friends who are constantly there for you, cheering you on, propping you up and making you feel like everything’s OK. Friends. ♥

erica aj

(AREN’T ERICA AND AJ ADORABLE?? Candid pics are the best pics.)

It’s been a weird old week, but I’m feeling so much more positive about everything and I’m actually starting to feel excited for the future again.

The girls and I are going to Friends Fest on Wednesday which is going to be AWESOME. Then we’ve got the bank holiday, the house move, my road trip to Leeds with two of my Bangarang gals, catchups with some of my fave bloggers at the awards ceremony, and then my BIRTHDAY.

So yeah. The sun is starting to peep through the clouds again.

I hope you all have a fantabulous week and thank you for being your awesome selves! ♥


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