October 17, 2016
london coliseum

Happy Monday!

Spoiler: it’s not actually Monday.

I’m writing this on Sunday because I know I’m going to be working in a non-internet space tomorrow. (I KNOW. Who knew places like that still existed?)

So far it’s taken me about two hours to write this intro, cos Gary’s watching The Walking Dead and I keep having to cover my eyes and ears at all the scary bits. And there are a lot of scary bits.

This week has been busy with brunches, sleepovers and opera nights. It’s been filled with some of my best gal pals, a whooooole lotta food and drink, and a bunch of giggles and chats.

Busy is good, but I’m now absolutely shattered and it’s making me feel all weepy and weird. Which is not so good.

I’m hoping a couple of early nights, and an endorphin-boosting trip to the gym, is all I’ll need to sort me out!

(Fingers crossed anyway.)

(Cos I’m a bit of a grouchy hag when I’m tired…)

london coliseum

1. The London Coliseum. The lovely Katie and I had a night at the opera on Wednesday. We watched the English National Opera perform Tosca, which was brilliant, but the real star of the show was the theatre itself. The London Coliseum is absolutely STUNNING. I think it might actually be the most beautiful theatre in the city. Tickets to the ENO can cost as little as £12, and I highly recommend you check out their programme for the coming months – both for the performance and the chance to see the inside of the theatre!

2. Slow cooker. I am so in love with my slow cooker, it’s not even funny. So far I’ve made Chinese 5-spice pulled pork, and a beef stroganoff, and they’ve both been delicious and tender and perfect. It’s so freaking easy to use, and the food is so yum, and it’s one of my favourite birthday presents EVER.

3. Brunch with Bangarang. Thoroughly underwhelmed by Drake and Morgan’s brunch offering in King’s Cross. Expensive, tiny portions and totally average flavours. Definitely won’t be going back any time soon. But luckily the EXCELLENT company made up for everything else. Love these ladies so much ♥︎

4. Sainsbury’s social media team. I proper cackled at this one. The Sainsbury’s SM team took a customer complaint on board and re-named their vegan cheese ‘Gary’.

5. Shoryu Ramen. I’ve been craving Shoryu’s signature pork ramen for WEEKS so I finally caved last week and treated myself. Rich, meaty broth, soft noodles, tender pork, crunchy spring onions… IT’S SO BLOODY GOOD.

shoryu ramen

6. Accidental drunkness. On Tuesday I met up with Charlie to return the camera lens she’d lent me for Budapest. We stopped off for a wine, which turned into three, which then turned into margaritas and aaaall the food at Wahaca… We talked for a solid 5 hours, about everything from careers to relationships, and I woke up the next morning feeling hungover but happy ♥︎

7. Harry Potter illustrated editions. I finally got my hands on the illustrated editions of Philosopher’s Stone and the newly-released Chamber of Secrets and they’re SO BEAUTIFUL. I’m so so in love with them. Jim Kay is my new hero.

8. Slumber party. My best non-blogging friend and I had a mini-sleepover at mine last week. She brought champagne (thanks Mrs P!) and cake, I provided nachos and pulled pork, and we watched 13 Going On 30 – singing along to all the 80s songs because OBVIOUSLY.

9. Birthday cards. Claire got me the best birthday card in the entire world. She also got me a little camera necklace and I got a bit emosh. I have the bestest friends ♥︎

10. FLOTUS for POTUS. I think Michelle Obama is an absolute inspiration. Even if you disagree with her politics, you cannot deny that she is one of the most effective political speakers, and inspirational women, alive today. Her speech at the New Hampshire rally last week was a work of art that actually made me cry. Here’s the full transcript, but if you’ve got the time, I’d totally recommend you watch the actual video.

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This week is going to be all about making sure I don’t turn into an anxiety-ridden banshee. Plenty of sleep and exercise, with a couple of friendly food events thrown in for good measure.

Then I’m headed to Surrey for a family gathering on the weekend (which will be LOVELY) and then it will be time for Halloween and Musical Bingo! It’s scary how quickly the time goes isn’t it?

Hope you all have a very wonderful week! ♥︎


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