January 19, 2015
Happy Monday

Hello hello!

So Monday brain has already kicked in and I’ve forgoten my diary at home.


I can already feel the effects of this massive error of judgement as I couldn’t think of ANYTHING that I did last week.

I’ve just had to crawl through my tweets, Facebook feed and blog posts to try and remember what I’d planned to write about!

My memory is truly awful…

It’s funny how you don’t realise how dependent you are on something until you no longer have it with you isn’t it?

I’m the same with my watch. As soon as I forget to put it on, I become so aware of how often I actually check the time!

But hey ho.

Hopefully I’ve remembered all the little things that made me smile…

Happy Monday

1. A long lie-in on Saturday morning, followed by tea and toast in bed with Netflix. BLISS.

2. Jonny Lee Miller ♥ during the above-mentioned Netflix binge, I watched the whole 4 episodes of Emma (starring Romola Garai, who is fantastic!). Jonny plays Mr Knightley and I’m totally butt-crazy in love with him. #CluelessQuotes

3. This article on Buzzfeed by the ace Daniel Dalton: “IF HERMIONE WERE THE MAIN CHARACTER IN HARRY POTTER. 10 points to Dalton for combining Harry Potter and feminism. (Also: it’s hilarious)

4. The beef carpaccio I had at The Little Yellow Door’s dinner party on Wednesday night. Perfectly tender and flavoured and dressed. I could have cried it was so beautiful. More details coming in the blog post tomorrow but that carpaccio just deserved a mention all of it’s own!

5. New Look’s ace customer service team. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll probably have seen the photo below, which I posted on Saturday morning. I accidentally got sent a pair of size 12 super skinny jeans which, when I compared them to my other pair of size 12 super-skinny jeans, were definitely NOT the right size. Their customer service team were completely on the ball, super friendly and arranged to fix the mistake ASAP. Five stars New Look!

Happy Monday

6. Ploughman’s picnic on the sofa whilst watching Disney films. I rarely get to indulge in my animated movie fandom, so I took advantage of being home alone on Saturday to re-watch some of my faves and eat all the pork pies and cheese and chutneys.

7. Snowflake Cookie by Yankee Candle. I lit it in my tiny room and properly noticed the scent for the first time. It smells of sugar, vanilla, unicorns and fairy dust.

8. I deep-conditioned and blow-dried my hair properly yesterday for a change and it was all soft and swishy and I kept whipping it back and forth because it NEVER looks like that. Happy hair makes a happy Katy.

9. Chicken roast dinner and red wine at the pub with great friends and an open fire. PERFECT Sunday evening.

10. The new Maroon 5 music video. They actually crashed several couples’ weddings and surprised them with a live performance of their newest single. I’ve watched it like 8 times. ALL THE FEELS. (Also: Adam Levine is beautiful. Just sayin’…)

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Looking back at it, it’s been a very good week actually.

Several fun events, lots of wine (whoops) and many a friendly catch up.

Then, it had been a while since I spent a weekend home alone, so it was quite nice to just sit in my PJs for half the day and watch films and eat cheese.

I also finally (fiiiiinally) tidied my room and got round to re-organising my wardrobe a bit.

I always feel like my brain works better when there’s no clutter around me, but it’s always such an effort to get it that way!

What have you all been up to this week? :)


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