October 24, 2016
witley surrey

Happy Monday!

I’m just back from a LOVELY weekend with my family.

The whole extended family on my dad’s side came together for a couple of days of food, wine and fun times. Nineteen adults, 2 toddlers, a baby and an elderly dog. It was loud and hectic and absolutely awesome.

Also exhausting. I fell asleep on the sofa on Saturday night and have been yawning since I woke up this morning. Buuuut I’m going out for wine and Bleeker burgers with my best friend tonight. So y’know. Maybe not THAT tired…

She’s heading off to Australia in a couple of weeks and I’m trying reaaaaaaaally hard not to think about it cos it makes me cry a little bit inside. Australia is very far away.


The rest of this week has been odd. A mix of really high highs, and really low lows. The lows mainly involve me wanting to throw things at the telly because humanity really SUCKS sometimes.

And the highs involve… well. Read it for yourself.

witley surrey

1. Family. We had a wonderful weekend in Surrey with my family. Lots of celebrating, lots of catch up chats, lots of cheese and lots of champagne. My fam knows how to throw a party!

2. Autumn leaves. I FINALLY FOUND THE AUTUMN LEAVES! THEY ARE HERE! THEY HAVE ARRIVED! And they are sooo worth the wait. A bunch of us went for a walk over the fields on Sunday, and it was beautiful.

3. Baby cuddles. If you’re ever feeling a bit under the weather, find yourself a squishy toddler with chubby cheeks, a cheeky grin and the happiest baby giggle you’ve ever heard. Instant sunshine.

4. Tea cosy. My mumma made me a tea cosy for my birthday. It fits perfectly over my fat little teapot and keeps it snuggly warm so I don’t keep having to get up to refill it with hot water. It’s the little things.

5. Risotto balls. Some of the girls and I popped down to the John Lewis Christmas event at the Waitrose Cookery School last week. We made a feast of festive canapés and cocktails, including some deep fried risotto balls that were (if I do say so myself) the bomb-diggidy. Well done us!

waitrose cookery school

6. Party of the year. I had the most INCREDIBLE night at the re-launch party of the Sheraton Grand Hotel last week. I’ve never seen anything like it. Swan ladies on stilts, four different bands, gymnasts, burlesque performers, actors, magicians, dalmations (seriously), champagne, cheese tables, celebrities, harpists outside the ladies toilets, an actual freaking BARBER doing free haircuts outside the gents’ loos… It was absolutely mental, in the very BEST way. I had a blast!

7. Hygge Friday nights. I made Thai red chicken curry, lit the candles, turned the fairy lights on, and watched GBBO and Great British Menu until I fell asleep on the sofa. I’m so hygge it hurts. (And I love it.)

8. What would you buy if you won the lottery? This whole Twitter thread is giving me the warm fuzzies.

9. Clean bedsheets. We put clean bedsheets on last night and they were all fresh and snuggly and I was as snug as a bug in clean bedsheets. It was good.

10. Early finish. I had some time in lieu to make up at work, so I got to go home early one afternoon last week. I was home by 4pm and it was blissfuuuuuuul.

orange vw beetle

This week is another busy one, with Halloween, leaving drinks and my sister coming to stay over the weekend. It’s payday week too, which means I’ll fiiiiiiinally be able to buy a new phone!

I’ve been having actual asleep nightmares about the fact that I can’t take photos. Seriously. I had a dream that we went to this stunning place and I couldn’t take photos and it made me cry.

My life is ridiculous.

So yeah. Yay new phone and a return to photography and Instagram!

Hope you all have a very wonderful week ♥︎


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