November 7, 2016
happy monday

Happy Monday!

Remember, remember the er… 7th of November?

I had a FABULOUS weekend and I hope you did too.

We’d originally planned to be in York, so when those plans got postponed, I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands.

I met up with the girls for prosecco and Bangarang banter on Friday. Spent Saturday tidying and shopping, and turning our flat into a cosy little nest.

Then yesterday I went for an autumn walk with the lovely Immy. We bought hot chocolate and went for a wander through the leafy Common.

I missed all the Bonfire Night fun, but it’s just been very quiet and restful and delightful.

My favourite kind of weekend.

happy monday

1. Facetiming my Mummy. We had a long chat about the world and Christmas and the flat and our holiday plans for next summer, and it was lovely. I love my Mummy ♥︎

2. Spare ribs. I made Delia Smith’s BBQ pork spare ribs for tea last night. It’s something Mum used to make quite frequently at home, so they tasted of comfort and nostalgia. (As well as being utterly delicious OBVIOUSLY.)

3. Pinterest. I got back into Pinterest over the weekend and I’ve been having a geeky amount of fun with it. I reorganised all my boards and deleted a bunch of stuff and now it’s all pretty and delightful. Go take a peek.

4. Home shopping. I FINALLY finished unpacking the last of our boxes, so on Saturday Gary and I went shopping for home stuff. We bought a throw for the living room, as well as a few other bits and pieces, and it’s so nice to see the room finally together!

5. Bangarang. I never get tired of these girls. NEVER. ♥︎

happy monday

6. Planet Earth 2. David Attenborough is back and GUYS, IT’S SO GOOD. I mean, I had to hide under the blanket at one point (cos I’m a wimp) but SO GOOD.

7. I ordered my new phone. Granted, both Envirofone and Royal Mail have since screwed up, and it’s been a week and I still don’t actually have my phone… BUT. I was pretty darn happy when I actually ordered it (there may have been jiggly dancing involved), so it’s going on the list.

8. Christmas is coming. SMELL THAT FREEZING COLD AIR. Halloween is over and Christmas is officially on it’s way. And I’m so excited!

9. Parks and Rec. I LOVE IT AND I LIKE IT SO MUCH.

10. Early mornings. I’ve been getting into a routine of being in bed by 10pm and awake by 5:30am and I feel like the Duracell bunny. I have SO much energy, I’m SO productive and I just feel so happy and inspired. Hurrah for getting enough sleep! ♥︎

happy monday

I can’t wait until my new phone arrives.

Won’t it be exciting to have proper Happy Monday photos again? You know, ones that actually match what I’m talking about, instead of being whichever three Instagram shots I’ve managed to scrape together this week?

It’s going to be CRRRAZY.

(So fingers crossed it eventually finds its way to me…)

Until then, have a very wonderful week, and don’t forget to eat something delicious! ♥︎


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