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February 12, 2018
easyjet flight

Happy Monday!

I’m back in the UK, back at my “desk” (bed, cos my table still hasn’t arrived), and back with another list of 10 Good Things.

Most of this week has been taken up with my trip to Cyprus. I flew over with seven of my Bangarang blog friends for a long weekend of winter sun and relaxation. Unfortunately the sun decided not to play ball, so we had a weekend of grey clouds and big laughs instead. And despite the crappy weather, we had so much fun!

Cyprus itself is… odd. I’m not really sure how I feel about it to be honest. It just seemed very British. Lots of pubs and expats and new buildings with no character. We did explore the Old Town of Paphos, and visited some of the ancient ruins, which I found fascinating. I loved the food, and I thought that the countryside was pretty, in a very hilly, beige-and-green way.

But so many people had said to me how much they looooved Cyprus, and I just couldn’t see it. I thought Greece was much more beautiful and interesting, BUT I did also visit Greece in full summer, when the sky was blue and the sun was out. So yeah. I’m undecided.

I’m off to Palma next week with Jet2, and I’m just hoping the weather will be a bit brighter!

easyjet flight


1. Lamb and pea stew. Trying to take photos of this was so hard because it really was so ugly, but it was also SO DELICIOUS. Salt, pepper, cinnamon, chunks of spoon-tender lamb, and tons of green peas. I’m desperate to try and recreate it!

2. Little Mix. I’m obsessed with the Little Mix remix of Reggaetón Lento with CNCO. It reminds me of my summer nights out as a teenager and it makes me want to go out and dance.

4. Wandering around London. I met Kelly in London on Tuesday, and we walked a whopping 14,000 steps across the city. From Camden down to Kings Cross, then we jumped on the tube to Green Park, explored Mayfair, wandered across to Leicester Square, and ended the day in Covent Garden.

3. Tennis. I use to play tennis when I was younger, and I hadn’t realised how much I missed it until we did a lesson in Cyprus!

5. Finishing the wardrobe. OK so we haven’t completely finished putting up the wardrobe, but the main building work is done. We’ve emptied one big cardboard box, and my mission for the rest of today is to empty all the others. I’m SO excited to finally have all my clothes back!

paphos tombs of the kings

6. Toasted hot cross buns with butter. It’s the moooost wonderful tiiiime of the yeaaaar!

7. 25mm lens. I had a good long play with my new Olympus camera lens in Cyprus. I’m having a weird time with my photography lately, as I’m not quite sure what my style is anymore and I don’t have a clear idea of what I want any of my photos to look like. But I had SO much fun learning how to work with this, and I’m happy with so many of the photos I took on holiday!

8. Dog driving a car. We spotted a tiny little dog “driving” a remote control car in Cyprus and it is absolutely the best thing I’ve seen this year.

9. The last quarter of La Belle Sauvage. It’s taken me almost 3 months to read Philip Pullman’s new book, which is unheard of for me (I’m a super speed reader!). I found the first half so slow and boring that I just kept putting it down and forgetting it. But I took it on the plane with me to Cyprus, determined to finally finish it, and actually RACED through the last quarter. It gets much more interesting once you reach Part 2 of the book!

10. Laughing with the girls. I laughed so hard this weekend that I pulled a muscle in my waist. If that’s not worth a Happy Monday mention, then I don’t know what is. ♥︎

aphrodite hills villa cyprus

What’s been your highlight this week? :)


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