March 28, 2016
hot cross buns

Happy Monday!

So I nearly forgot to write this post because in my head it’s actually Sunday. WHICH IS NICE. Because it means Friday is actually only four days away. Hurrah!

Despite the bank holiday, this week has been really full of being busy and determined and making plans. Plans for the future, plans for improvement and plans for making myself into a very happy bunny again.

(Geddit? BUNNY. Because Easter! Har har.)

You’ll be glad (and probably relieved) to know that my moaning phase is over. Time to get my arse in gear and actually start putting things in motion to sort out what’s been making me unhappy. Easier said then done, but I’ve taken the first few steps and that’s what counts.

On a brighter and less cryptic note, here’s what has been making me smile this week!

hot cross buns

1. Hot cross buns. One a penny, two a penny… all the hot cross buns in my belly.

2. Travel plans. Gary and I have been making holiday plans for the end of this year. At the moment we’re just throwing out different options. We were leaning Stateside, maybe Boston or Chicago, but then we watched Lord of the Rings last night and now we’re both thinking New Zealand…

3. Twitter chat. I joined in my first Twitter chat in what feels like WEEKS and it made me feel all happy and gooey inside. I missed chatting with everyone!

4. Date nights. SO MANY DATE NIGHTS. We made burgers on Friday, went to the pub on Saturday, watched Lord of the Rings with many wines last night… It’s been great!

5. Crystal Maze. HI, THE 90s CALLED. THEY WANT THEIR GAMESHOW BACK. Most amazing night ever. Team Bob bought tickets way back when they were crowdfunding for this venture, and we went on Wednesday and we were Team Orange and we didn’t win, but no one got locked in, and I conquered the mental game in Future Zone and got my crystal and have never felt so fulfilled in my life.

crystal maze

6. Blogging. Guess who’s been taking a bazillion blog photos, editing a million of them, and writing hundreds of blog posts? Not me. But I have done quite a lot more than usual and I’m feeling good about my calendar again.

7. Norwegian bloomer bread. THIS BREAD THOUGH. Find yourself a Gail’s bakery and pick one up immediately. Eat it fresh with lightly salted butter on top. Thank me later.

8. Sunshine. Ironically, as I started typing up this blog draft, the heavens opened and now it’s chucking it down with rain and our bedroom window is probably leaking again. Sigh. BUT. It’s actually been really nice for most of the weekend. More specifically, it’s been really nice during the bits where I’ve had to be outside, and for that I am thankful.

9. Online window shopping. I get paid tomorrow, and haven’t been on a proper shopping spree for ages so HELLO ALL THE NEW SPRING CLOTHES. Please form an orderly queue into my wardrobe.

10. Brunch. We went to Brickwood again and I ordered the Kumara, which is basically sweet potato, feta, kale pesto and poached eggs on sourdough toast, and it was YUM. Such yum.

brickwood clapham

All in all, it’s been a pretty good week! So good that I actually struggled to narrow this post down to just 10 things.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to stuff some apples with chorizo – which, if you care to know, is one of my new favourite suppers – and watch the last Lord of the Rings film in bed.



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