July 4, 2016

Happy Monday!

It’s 9:30am and I am feeling productive and kick-ass. There’s nothing quite like ticking off part of your to-do list before 7am to get the blood pumping!

It’s been a pretty quiet week again and, to be honest, I’m really enjoying it! It’s a nice feeling to know that I have plenty of time to sit quietly and read my book, or to hang out with Gary, or to meet a friend for a coffee.

I used to go out to events several night a week, and friends used to ask me how on earth I managed to not go mad. Now I’m starting to ask myself the same question!

One funny (and useful!) side effect of having so much evening downtime is that I feel so much more productive and organised during the day. I’ve still not hit peak blog productivity – mainly cos I still don’t have a laptop or a way to edit blog photos that doesn’t take FOREVER – but it’s getting there.

I’m feeling inspired, excited and more positive than I have in months. Hurrah for making good life choices!

happy monday 02

1. Amanda’s Mini Hen Do! Emma pulled together a surprise hen do for Amanda at the lovely Fable bar. Seven of us headed down for an afternoon (and evening!) of food, drink and games. We took over the beautiful Aesops’ Table for almost SIX hours and it was such a lovely night!


3. Chocolate Cream frappuccino. I met Natasha at Starbucks on Thursday for a catchup and some logo brainstorming, and I had my first chocolate frap, and it was everything I ever dreamed of.

4. Japan plans! Charlie and I are making plans for a two week trip to Japan and Seoul next year. My savings plan is already in place, I received my Lonely Planet guide to Japan yesterday and EEEEK. I’m so excited!

5. Bleeker St burgers. I met up with my lovely friends Rich and Vicky on Friday and, as per tradition, we wandered along the river, drank wine at Gordon’s Wine Bar and stuffed our faces with the best burgers in London (see my Instagram for photographic evidence…)

shard thames

6. Chloe’s home! My lovely flatmate has been in the States finishing up her PhD for 3 months, so we celebrated her return yesterday with Dominos and Deadpool. (You can read her blog here!)

7. Red hair. I re-dyed my hair last week and now it’s all bright and red again! Yay!

8. Thai curry in a pineapple. Charlie and I went for a thai dinner at Mango Tree in Harrods last week and we had a thai red curry SERVED IN A PINEAPPLE. A) it was delicious, and B) SERVED IN A PINEAPPLE.

9. OMG THE LAST GAME OF THRONES EPISODE. I had about 3 heart attacks. I honestly think that’s the best episode so far. So many Ladies in Power. I. LOVE. IT. I might even go home tonight and watch it again. Don’t think my brain’s quite processed that it’s all over for another year yet…

10. Cosy mornings. I’ve had a stinking cold since Thursday, and I had too much wine on Friday, so on Saturday I woke up with zero plans except for snuggling up in bed and having a quiet, lazy morning. Blissful.

happy monday 01

I’ve got a few things planned for this week, but not much. My main mission is to finally break through my gym fear and get back on the weights.

I re-started my membership a few weeks ago, but so far I keep getting to the door and then freaking myself out and going home instead. Not quite sure why it keeps happening, as I’ve never had this problem before, but it’s really annoying.

So yeah. This week I’m going to get over whatever the hell this is, and start lifting again!

I also want to build my blog feed up again! I did a mass clearout of my feed last week and am starting again from scratch. I was following SO MANY people and never read half of them, so I decided it was time for a spring clean.

So have a fantastic week, and make sure you leave you blog link in a comment below! :)


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