July 18, 2016
Cabana Brasil Brunch

Happy Monday!

Gosh this month is going by quickly. They’ve been moving me around different buildings at work quite a lot lately, which means the days seem to go by so much faster.

This week I went to an ace masterclass on Olympus lenses with Jay McLaughlin, had dinner with some of my fave food and travel bloggers, and had a wander around the new Google offices.

Then we had our annual Summer House Party over the weekend, which was American themed and a total BLAST. You may have already see from the numerous Snapchats that I got a liiiiiittle bit accidentally drunk.

I spent yesterday morning suffering from the worst hangover of my life, before Gary pushed me out the door for a walk and some fresh air. He also bought me Lucozade, and sure enough after about half an hour I felt a million times better. (THANK GOD.)

Here’s a little life tip guys: don’t play beer pong with shots of vodka lemonade. You will inevitably lose. Both at beer pong and at life.

Cabana Brasil Brunch

1. #BasicBrunch. Gary and I went for brunch at Cabana Brasil yesterday morning and had Virgin Marias (because lol no alcohol for me thankyouverymuch) and cheesy dough balls, followed by more Virgin Marias and a burger/sweet potato hash. It was all DELICIOUS and I basically want to marry the dough balls. ♥

2. Vegetable ravioli in tomato consommé. This was the pasta dish from our four-course transatlantic dinner with Open Table. We went to Grain Store and the food was all amazing but this colorful pasta was just subliiiiime.

3. Lucozade. I need to keep a bottle of this in the house whenever I’m going drinking… MIRACLE JUICE.

4. Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets. I watched Grace Victory’s BBC3 documentary on iPlayer yesterday and it’s a good one! I’d seen a bunch of stuff about it on Twitter and was curious to see what all the fuss is about. It’s an interesting look at clean eating and the rise of health and fitness bloggers/vloggers. It’s short and snappy, and I love Grace’s reporting style. Definitely worth a watch!

5. Overnight oats. I’m OBSESSED. I’m working on an Instagram campaign with Quaker Oats and they challenged me to create an overnight oats recipe. I’ve never made them before but they’re so freaking easy and delicious that I’ve pretty much made it every day since. I can’t stop coming up with new flavour ideas!

Little Miss Katy

6. Summer shopping. I bought two new summery dresses in the Lindybop sale (including the red one I featured in this post!) They’ve not arrived yet but I’m praying they’re going to fit because they’re SO PRETTY!

7. This blog post by Hannah. I was having a bit of a ‘woe is me’ kind of day on Thursday. Things just felt disconnected and weird and I was hating my blog and panicking about my rebrand and regretting having the 7 months hiatus on it because GOD IT ALL FEELS SO MUCH HARDER AND LESS AUTHENTIC THAN IT USED TO BE. (See? Woe is me.) And then Hannah’s post came at just the right time. I feel like it snapped me out of myself a bit, gave me the slap in the face that I needed, and you know what? Everything is going to be OK. And I’m now making an effort to not be such of a douche about these things.

8. Google sparkles. I did a Thing That I’m Not Allowed to Talk About at Google on Thursday, which meant I got a tour of their brand spanking new offices, as well as check out the view from their roof terrace. And it is AWESOME. I also got a photo in front of their sparkly disco ball sign. Because of course I did.

9. FaceTime with mama. I had a proper facetime-to-facetime chat with Mum for the first time in a couple of weeks, and it was lovely. I love my Mummy. ♥

10. Friends. Despite the nuclear hangover, Saturday night was just absolutely awesome. EricaEmma, AJ and Charlie all made the long trek to south London to come to our party and we had the most hilarious time. I don’t know what I’d do without their advice, encouragement, support and love. Bangarang forever. ♥


This week is looking much more chilled.

I’m doing a double gym session tonight, and one on Thursday. Dinner with the girls on Wednesday, Bangarang Night on Friday and a couple of deadlines to hit before then.

Plus Gary is actually home for the week, which I only found out about yesterday – so it’s shaping up to be a good one!

Hope you all have a fantastic week ahead of you, and don’t forget to tag your best moments on Instagram with #LittleHappyMonday!



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