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April 3, 2017
gingham dress with ruffled sleeves

Happy Monday!

I’m in that kind of headspace where all I want to do is sing OH WHAT A GLORIOUS MORNINGGGGG at the top of my voice. I’ve had the most gloriously fun weekend, and for the first time in ages I’m actually really excited to crack on with my work.

I met up with Charlie on Saturday to visit The Blogger’s Market. After shopping, we strolled up to Camden, picked up some halloumi fries, and wandered off down the canal, talking about life and growing up.

I’ve had a weird year of changes, and in the last few months felt so lost and unsure about who I am and what I’m doing. But everything is finally starting to make sense again, and OH BOY does it feel good.

My creativity is coming back, my interest in clothes and shopping, my enthusiasm for color, my love of all things foodie and delicious…

I feel like Me again. An older, wiser, more defined version of Me. And I think I like it.

So here’s to changes and new beginnings. I hope you all have an awesome week!

gingham dress with ruffled sleeves

1. Shopping. It’s been months since I last went properly shopping, so I treated myself on payday last week and put in a huge ASOS order. Minimalism is all well and good, but I’d forgotten how much I love clothes shopping and I’m glad I’m finally getting my sartorial mojo back. I also picked up the above sassy dress from Primark on Hannah’s recommendation, and bought the Olympus PEN camera bag from Kristabel’s market stall on Saturday. ALL THE SHOPPINGGG.

2. Trousers. This kind of follows on from point one, but I bought a pair of actual non-denim trousers from ASOS, and they’re my new favourite of all things. They fit perfectly, are super soft and comfy, and make me look a little bit more polished, and New Me loves that. So hurrah to Anna for the inspiration!

3. Brunch. We went for brunch at MUD Tooting yesterday. I’ve got a full post coming soon, but oh man it was yum. I had smokey mushrooms and sausages, with chilli jam and poached eggs. Gary had avocado and feta on toast with eggs and crispy bacon. It was GLORIOUS.

4. Giggling babies. There was this really cute baby girl in Camden on Saturday. She was blowing bubbles at us, then got the giggles, and it was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

5. Pub garden. We had our first drink in a beer garden! We sat outside til 10pm on Saturday, soaking up the warm air, sipping wine, and making new friends. (Hi Eve and Mickey!). Then we went for burgers at Dip & Flip, and rolled home about midnight, tipsy and full, but happy.

6. Red tulips. I bought some tulips to brighten our living room, and they matched my lipstick, and that made me happy. (Exhibit A: see above)

7. RuPaul’s Drag Race. I finally, finally, fiiiiinally got on this band wagon. The girls have been talking about it for years, and it’s been on my list of things to watch for months, but somehow I only got round to it yesterday. I edited photos, drafted blog posts, and got through 6 hour-long episodes before Gary got home from the football. And now I’m hooked. SASHAY AWAY.

8. Chocolate tempering. I went to an event with Thermapen last week, where we learned how to properly temper chocolate. We made our own easter eggs and salted dark chocolate coins, and mine looks messy, but tastes yum, and really that’s all that matters isn’t it?

9. Friday night in. On Friday we ordered a LOT of Chinese food, and I introduced Gary to the delight that is The Princess Bride. I still can’t believe we’ve somehow managed to be in a relationship for three and a half years without him having seen this film, but there we go. We’ve fixed it now. AS YOU WISH.

10. Sunshine. I do love Autumn, but I have to admit that this sunny warm weather does good things to my soul ♥


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