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April 14, 2017
boursin and wine

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I’m getting old. Gone are the days where I’d come home from uni and/or work, then spend hours doing my hair and makeup in preparation for a night out.

I can’t even fathom having the energy for that nowadays. How did I ever manage to work a 10 hour shift on my feet at the pub, then go out partying in heels, and then wake up at 7am for the breakfast shift?! 19 year-old Katy, I salute you…

Maybe it’s because we finally have our own place, but Gary and I’ve found ourselves spending a lot more nights at home. It may sound boring to some, but London is just so hectic at times, that it’s actually just really nice to sit back and relax in our own living room.

These days, my idea of a great date night is simple food (I love cooking, but everyone likes a night off!), good wine, candles lit, comfy clothes on, phones hidden away, and a good film on the telly.

Which is exactly what we did last night.

crackers and oat cakessalami, cucumber, salmon and prawnsboursin garlic and herbs

Boursin® sent me a gorgeous hamper filled to the brim with candles, red wine, crackers, Boursin® Garlic and Herbs, a selection of toppings, and a recipe book.

They’ve just announced a new year-long partnership with the 9pm film on Film4, and to celebrate, they’ve put together a film pairing guide, with Boursin® recipes for every type of film. Whether you’re into comedy or fantasy, romance or action, there’s something for everyone.

So we put it to the test. I made up plates of crackers, cucumber, charcuterie, spices, herbs, and (of course) plenty of Boursin®. Gary opened the wine, and lit the candles.

And we settled in for a relaxing night of films and food…

boursin toppingsboursin garlic and herbs smoked salmon and cream cheese


OK so we cheated slightly.

Our first film of the night was Now You See Me 2, which is quite definitely not a romance film. But I loveeee smoked salmon and couldn’t resist making it.

Fresh sourdough bread, spread thickly with Boursin® Garlic and Herbs, then topped with smoked salmon trimmings (cheaper than slices, and just as tasty!) and sprinkled with dill.

Cream cheese and smoked salmon is always a winning combination, but the added extra of garlic and herbs makes this really special. If you like them (we don’t) you could also add some capers for extra flavour.

(FYI: the film was funny. It’s not as good as the first one, but it does have both Janis Ian and Harry Potter in it, so I think that brings it up to level!)

boursin garlic and herbs date night picnic salami, cucumber and chilli powder with boursin


Second film of the night: Ant Man.

Paul Rudd wearing a super suit that makes him ant-sized and capable of beating up bad guys and saving the world. It’s a GREAT film, and Paul Rudd is predictably hilarious and excellent. (I love Paul Rudd ♥︎).

To match it, I spread Boursin® on oatcakes, then topped them with Italian salami, slices of cucumber, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. The combination of flavours and textures is unique and crazy good. I especially loved the little extra touch of spice from the pepper.

I think this might have actually been my favourite recipe of the night!

date night in prawns and boursin with chilli


Our final film choice was Captain America: The Civil War.

Gary picked this one. I’m almost starting to get a bit bored of so many superhero films, as they all seem to have the same plot, but this one actually surprised me. It’s the darkest one I’ve seen so far, and I think they did such a great job of making every character grey, instead of splitting them into good and evil.

Also the new Spiderman kid is hilarious and I really want to see the new film!

To accompany this one, I piled creamy Boursin® on crackers, then topped it with cold king prawns and a squeeze of lime juice.

The final touch is a sprinkling of chilli flakes, for a bit of kick. (Geddit? Kick? Because it’s an action film!)

date night boursin on bread

Films watched, wine drunk, and food eaten, we stacked the dishes in the sink to wash up in the morning, and collapsed into bed.

(Because the absolute BEST part of spending your evening in the living room, is that you don’t have to get the night bus home afterwards!)

*This post was sponsored by Boursin®.


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