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February 5, 2018
Happy Monday misskatyenglish

Happy Monday!

It’s here! The day has come.

On Friday I had my last day at the reception desk, and today I’m writing this from my bed, sipping Lemsip from my favourite mug (yay winter colds), and wearing my comfiest slippers.

I definitely don’t plan on making my bed my regular working space, but I decided that for my first day as a full-time freelancer (eek), it was perfect. (Plus the beautiful new desk/dining table I’ve ordered won’t arrive til March, and Gary’s currently hogging the sofa, so this is literally the only space I actually have to work in right now.)

It’s been a long time since I wrote a proper Happy Monday post. Last year I announced that I was retiring them indefinitely, because they’d become a bit of a chore to write. But since then, my content’s evolved quite a lot.

Food and Travel posts have become the core of Little Miss Katy, and a lot of my original lifestyle writing has kind of disappeared into the background. I feel like I’m writing more useful stuff, posts that (I hope!) are helpful to you in planning your travels or your dinner plans for the week.

But it also means that I feel like I’ve lost a bit of me and a bit of my lovely community in the process. And especially now that I’m going to mainly be working from home, I want to have that time to just chat to you guys.

I want to discuss books (still working through La Belle Sauvage) and Netflix (Season 7 of Friends). I want to talk about Kylie Jenner’s baby announcement (omg), how bored I am of building IKEA furniture (a lot), and how much I love Linda McCartney’s rosemary and onion veggie sausages (I’m obsessed).

I want to talk about the highs and lows of freelancing life (I’m anticipating lots of both), and I want to know what’s been going on with YOU.

So Happy Monday is back. Every Monday lunchtime, I hope you’ll pop in to say hi, read about my 10 Good Things from this week, and let me know how you’re doing.

And if you follow me on Instagram, you can also check in on Monday night and join in with #LittleHappyMonday, where I like to share the tiny joyful things about the “worst day of the week”!

Happy Monday misskatyenglish

1. Pizza with Erica. Erica and I had a lunch date at Made in Italy on Saturday. We ate tons of delicious food (full review coming next week) and had a long catch-up about work and friends and travel. Then we wandered through Chelsea in the rain, taking photos and making friends with muddy dogs. It was delightful.

2. Rewrite the Stars. I’ve still not seen The Greatest Showman but I’m obsessssssed with the soundtrack. I have From Now On, This Is Me and Rewrite the Stars on a constant loop (in fact I’m listening to it right now) but the winner has to be Zac and Zendaya. Because harmonies. ❤️

3. Julius Caesar. I was invited to the opening night of Julius Caesar at the sexy new Bridge Theatre and OH MY GODDDD. It was incredible, guys. Ben Whishaw and Michelle Fairview were absolutely sublime, and the directing is just out of this world. We had immersive standing tickets, which meant we were right in the middle of the action. It’s participation theatre like I’ve never experienced before, and I would absolutely recommend going if you can get tickets. And if you can’t, check out your local cinema listings because National Theatre Live will be screening it on March 22nd.

4. Coconut chicken curry soup. It’s my favourite Pret soup and I had it for lunch on Wednesday when I was feeling super poorly and it made me feel a million times better.

5. Meeting Cate. I fiiiiiinally met the lovely Cate in the Kitchen for the first time last week! She was taking part in a discussion panel in Soho, so we made the most of it and joined up with Loriley (GF Sesh) for a glass of wine and lots of foodie chat. They’re both total babes and you should definitely check out their blogs if you love food.

(Hello blurriest photo in all the land!)

cate in the kitchen

6. Mexican-ish beef stew. I was originally going to make a beef chilli last night, but we were out of tomatoes, so I turned my casserole beef into a Mexican-ish stew instead. Lots of spices and some stock, and it was YUM. 100% making this again and will share the recipe as soon as I can.

7. IKEA. We went to the big Croydon store on Friday night. I just really enjoy looking at all the fake rooms and picking up random things we don’t need, and then buying Daim bars in the food shop. ?

8. New style. Most of my clothes are all still in packing boxes, so I’ve been wearing the same six outfits on rotation since October and I am sooo ready for a change. I picked up a couple of new bits and pieces in the ASOS sale and have been having a bit of fun branching out from my usual style. Favourite picks: pink suede(ish) trainers, and the bright red top I’m wearing above… which has a PEPLUM. Radical stuff.

9. Last day at work. My lovely manager (hi Sara!) took me out for a yummy lunch and got me a bottle of prosecco as a goodbye gift. My lovely security guard (hi Roy!) let me go half an hour early. And despite feeling absolutely rotten (yay winter colds), it was a great last day.

10. First day at work. This morning’s bed/laptop/eggs/coffee/slippers situation is definitely the highlight of my week so far!

little miss katy

What have you been up to this week? :)


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