Style Challenge: You’re Never Too Old To Wear Pink

August 12, 2015
Colour Report

I freaked myself out the other day.

For some random reason, I started thinking about some of the kids I used to babysit way back when I was 16-17.

And then, my brain started wandering and I did a bit of mental arithmetic and I realised that by now THEY must be 16-17.

And that’s when the freakout happened.


I mean, we’re all getting old. But that really made me feel old.

Which is just utterly ridiculous right? I’m only 23!

But there you go. I felt ancient.

In fact, it probably explains why I spent my Sunday evening in my pyjamas ironing my bedding.

But do I really want to be kind of old lady who irons pillow cases in a white frilly nightgown before going to bed at 8pm with a hot cocoa?

No. I really don’t.

I want to be the little old lady with the bright pink hair who plays bingo and goes travelling and likes long country walks and rolling around in the garden with the grandchildren and the dog.

(Uh-huh, I’m gonna be Cool Granny one day.)

So, in honour of that dream, I put together this outfit.

Because pink.

Colour Report

Colour Report

Colour Report

I’d like to think that even when I’m 70, I’ll still get a kick out of wearing pink on Wednesdays.

I’d definitely like to think that I’ll still love getting all dressed up and feeling good about what I’m wearing and what I look like.

And it looks like the stats are in my favour!

According to The Colour Report, over 70% of current over-60s feel like their appearance still really matters to them. 14% of them even still shop at “cool” places like Zara and Topshop.

I’m not gonna drop too many facts on you, but it’s actually a really interesting and reassuring read.

Travelling, exercising, sex (!!!) and learning new skills all feature in a list of older people’s favourite activities. Nearly 10% of them use Whatsapp (Whatsapp!). And a massive 81% of over-75s feel younger than they actually are.

Basically: it’s all about how old you feel.

(So I guess I need to work on that bit!)

Colour Report

Colour Report

I kind of love this outfit by the way.

Super casual jeans, super plain cami top… and then BAM. Bright pink blazer.

And BAM. Bright green bag. (From my first ever What’s In My Bag!)

And DOUBLE BAM. Sexy blue shoes. (Remember these bad boys?)

Such a simple, timeless (and ageless!) look, but elevated to whole new levels with a bit of colour.

Because fashion should always be fun.

Age just an attitude.

And one day in the future, when I’m 70 years old, I intend to wear this exact same outfit.

Only with pink hair to match.

PS. ADDED NOTE: there’s a hilarious/moronic article going round with a list of what women over 30 shouldn’t wear. Candy Pink is on that list. And to them I say: LOL GO HOME YOU’RE DRUNK. I will always wear pink. Thank you and goodnight.

*Post written in collaboration with McCarthy & Stone.


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