October 20, 2015
Happy Monday

Happy Tuesday!

Want to know a secret about Tuesdays?… They’re not Mondays.

I KNOW AND I’M SORRY. My silly work computer got all messed up with Windows 10 and I couldn’t even get it to start up, and then the wifi wouldn’t work on my iPad. Excuses, excuses, but yeah. There was a lot of cursing at Microsoft involved in yesterday.

That’s the first Happy Monday I’ve reaaally missed since I first started doing them over a year ago, and I wasn’t happy about it. But I’m here now!!!

And I’m feeling bouncy and happy because I had a TON of sleep this weekend and I’m excited to share all the good things that happened last week. (And I mayyyyy also have had quite a bit of chocolate today, so that might have something to do with the whole bouncy feeling thing as well… Maybe.) (#sugarmakesmehyper)

Happy Monday

1. Roast dinner. OH MOMMA. I went down to the pub for a roast on Sunday with some friends, and it was PERFECTION. Tender pork belly, crispy crackling, creamy cauliflower cheese, perfect potatoes and aaaaaall the gravy… Drool. Drooldrooldrool.

2. Singing in my room. I haven’t sung properly in ages, but hanging out with both Jordan and then some of my uni pals in the last few weeks has put me back in the mood for it! I had a right ol’ singalong sesh in my room on my one night off and it was beaut.

3. Chocolate Frogs. FOR REALS. LIKE THE ONES IN HARRY POTTER. The lovely team at Bettys (no apostrophe) sent me a few to try, and I’m in looove. I have a phobia of live frogs, but these I can TOTALLY get on board with!

4. The Emperor’s New Groove. Most underrated yet excellent Disney film of all time. (Also, you’ve not lived until you’ve heard Katie Brennan voicing Yzma. I cried actual tears of laughter.)

5. Starbucks hot grape juice. Um, YUM. It’s like alcohol-free mulled wine. Fruity and delicious and OH HELLO CHRISTMAS I THINK I MIGHT NEARLY BE READY FOR YOU NOW. (Except not yet because Halloween is first and I have an awesome costume to wear for it.)

Happy Monday

6. Ascot! Charlie and I headed to Ascot with Ladbrokes for the last day of the flat racing season on Saturday. We drank all the gin, ate all the cheese and lost a good amount of money on horses that kept coming in second, when we’d betted that they’d come first… SIGH.

7. The Winter’s Tale. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I bought my £15 ticket waaay back in April. Kenneth Branagh’s direction was incredible, but I was a bit iffy about his Leontes. However Judi Dench playing Paulina was juuuuuust amazing. I was in floods. There’s a reason why they made that lady a Dame y’know. It’s cos she’s bloody good.

8. Licence to Escape! I went to an EPIC event filled with 6 mini escape rooms, free booze and even a CityDash game. It was a TOTAL blast and I loved having the chance to try out a whole bunch of London’s best escape rooms. (Unsurprisingly, the Harry Potter one was my fave!)

9. Matchy matchy. Ash and I somehow managed to both turn up accidentally wearing the exact same outfit on Friday: Hogwarts sweatshirts, red coats and grey scarves. I probably shouldn’t find this as funny as I do, but there you go… It made me smile a lot.

10. Queen of Making Brunch. Just add it to my list of official titles. I smashed together this avocado and feta toast with crispy bacon on Sunday, and ate it whilst watching Hercules and drinking coffee out of my personalised teacup. SUNDAY WIN.

Happy Monday

So there you have it. The week that was a day longer than usual.

Love you awesome nerds ♥


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