July 11, 2016

Happy Monday!

Anyone else having serious hair humidity problems this week?

I made a bit of an error of judgement and used my super-volume Oribe hair stuff again this morning. Which would be fine, except that with the humidity on top, I currently look a liiiiittle bit like a poodle. Just a bit.

Quite a lot of things have been happening on here this week.

You may (or may not) have noticed that my little online space is looking a bit strange. This is because I’ve actually started planning for a big ol’ rebrand.

Like, a BIG one.

I do like my current colour scheme and design and everything, but it just doesn’t feel like me anymore, ya know?

A lot’s changed in the 9 months since I last cleaned everything up on here and I feel like I’ve grown up a lot. My content plan and ideas have also changed slightly, my visual style is constantly evolving, and I just feel that it’s time for a refresh.

I want something a bit more classic and timeless and grown-up. Something that reflects all parts of me, not just my silly bubbly side. Does that make sense?

Content-wise, I’m still going to be posting Happy Mondays and restaurant reviews and outfit posts, but I really want to expand my travel blogging, and also dive further into writing more personal, serious content as well.

I’ll keep you updated as it all goes on anyway, but yeah. Don’t be surprised if things look a bit weird around here for a little while.


Happy Monday 11.07.16 - 1

1. MacBook! I used some of my blog earnings from this year to buy myself a new laptop and now I can blog from home and abroad, and edit videos on iMovie (my Brighton vlog is now live!) and YAAAAY. Best purchase ever.

2. Immersive theatre. Emma, Leanne, Charlie and I popped up to Dalston for the Stella x Wimbledon pop-up and took part in a fab little half hour theatre experience with the amazing Les Enfants Terribles. It was so well done and so much fun!

3. Bang-kick prawns. Vicky and I went to Busaba Eathai‘s summer menu launch event on Tuesday. I ate a whole bowl and a half of these amazing spicy battered prawns and I’m not even sorry. They were amazing. They’re available to order on the menu as of NOW, so make sure you do! You can thank me later.

4. Les Miserables. I sat up til midnight watching this on Channel 4 last night and yeahhhhh it was good. I’d forgotten how much I love this film ♥

5. CheddarShack. Burgers and lemonade and fries, oh my! I tried Shake Shack‘s AWESOME new burger: with cheddar cheese sauce and bacon. SO. GOOD. Also massive props for the pink lemonade, which we both agreed was one of the most refreshing things we’ve ever drunk. So beautifully pink and sharp!

CheddarShack Shake Shack

6. Bloggers Blog Awards. It’s that time of year again! Last year’s awards were SO much fun, and I was so happy and excited to end up being voted in as Highly Commended Up & Coming Lifestyle Blog (cheers for that, you massive BABES!). I love how friendly and community-based these awards are, and I’m actually judging one of the categories this year too, which is going to be an awesome way of discovering new blogs to read! You can nominate your favourites by clicking this link and filling in the required info (and yes please if anyone would like to nominate/vote for me that would be lovely thank you!!♥)

7. Hermione. Emma Watson went to see Cursed Child and she hugged Noma Dumezweni and I died of pure happiness.

8. Tesco’s Christmas press day. OK so, honesty time: I thought it was going to be a bit lame. Spoiler: IT WAS NOT. This was absolutely without a doubt the best press event I’ve ever been to. From the Christmas tree and snow machine entrance, to the advent calendar doors, to the food, the drink and the really helpful team on hand to answer all my (million and one) questions. Fantastic. You can watch my whole Snapchat story of the event on my Facebook page!

9. Cheese truffle. I tried one of the newly developed cheese truffles at the Tesco event but it deserves a whole paragraph of its own because I made out-loud inappropriate noises as soon as I put this in my mouth. Holy smokes it is perfection. Soft, mustardy, cheddar and cream cheese, rolled into a ball and covered in pumpkin seeds. Keep an eye out for these bad boys once November hits!

10. Banksy. Banksy is a French bulldog and he is the sweetest, gentlest, friendliest dog in all the land. We had many cuddles in the pub on Saturday night and I adore him and wish I could take him home with me.

french bulldog

This week is (again) looking pretty busy!

I’m going to a photography class tonight, a couple of dinners and press days, and a chat scheduled in with Google about content creation and how bloggers earn their income. They’re even going to give me a tour of the offices which I’m REALLY excited about!

Some of this will pop up on my Snapchat and I’m going to be weekly vlogging from now on (because YAY iMOVIE!) so make sure to follow (misskatyenglish) and subscribe to my channel.

Hope you all have a VERY delightful week, and make sure you eat something delicious.


PS. Don’t forget to tag your Instagram posts today with #LittleHappyMonday. I’d like to start sharing my fave ones from each week at the end of my Happy Monday post, so get tagging! :)


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