September 24, 2015
favourite instagram accounts

I bloody love Instagram.

(Y’know, in case you all missed the million and one times I already mentioned that.)

I’m a very visual person, so a form of social media that involves pretty photos was always going to be a hit with me.

I’ve spoken before about my own Instagram style, but I really wanted to do a post about some of the amazing Instagram accounts that inspire me.

I follow a lot of people, but these are the accounts that I’ll actively search for to check their feed on the regs.

Most of them post about food, fashion and travel (because obvs that’s pretty much what all my dreams revolve around).

Some are super colourful and happy, and some are minimalistic and b-e-a-youuutiful.

But all of them are wonderful and inspiring and I recommend you go say hi!

favourite instagram accounts


This is my all-time absolute favourite!

I could spend hours and hours scrolling through Emilie’s feed.

She travels everywhere and her photos have to be seen to be believed.

Honestly, they’re some of the most breath-taking shots I’ve ever seen on Instagram. The angles, the composition, the lighting… beautiful.

And her hat game is pretty strong too.

Hello Emilie Instagram



Symmetry Breakfast started just with a guy who enjoyed making his boyfriend breakfast everyday. And now it’s become this huge massive THING and their account is one of the most popular on my feed.

And it’s not hard to spot why!

Beautifully laid out shots, incredible food styling and captions that will make your mouth water…

Do yourself a favour and check it out.

Symmetry Breakfast Instagram


Rosie is a full-time lifestyle blogger whose lovely blog I’ve been reading for years.

Her feed is full of food, travel and little life moments that make you want to curl up and scroll through with a fluffy blanket, a good cup of tea and maybe some fairylights thrown in for good measure.

It’s soft and cosy and effortlessly elegant all at once, and I love it.

Cider with Rosie Instagram


I heart Hannah’s blog and her Instagram has recently become one of my all-time faves as well.

Colourful and happy and filled with plenty of food, fashion and travel.

What’s not to like?

Her fashion shots are some of my absolute faves and her flatlay skillz are pretty ace too!

Hannah Gale Instagram


Apart from all the recent fashion week spam, I’m a huge fan of Rosie’s feed.

Her food shots are always EPIC and I love getting behind-the-scenes peeks on her travels.

And her fashion shots are always on point, AND she has an adorable dog.

So yeah. Big fan!

Rosie Londoner Instagram

And there you go.

Five of my absolute favouritest Instagrammers from this year!

What are your favourite Instagram accounts?

I’m always looking for new, beautiful feeds to follow so drop me some names! :)


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