August 8, 2016
happy monday

Happy Monday!

So I started writing this post at 8:30am and after an hour I realised I’d written 1000 words and hadn’t even started on the 10 Good Things yet, so I’m starting again, and saving the other stuff for a whole new post tomorrow.

It’s been a weird old week.

If you follow me on (any) social media, you’ll probably have heard that our landlord told us on Tuesday that we have to move out of our lovely flat. He’s renovating and redesigning the whole place, so we have to be out by September.

We were GUTTED at first, but within 24 hours we’d managed to find, view and put in an offer on a new place, and by Friday we’d found out that out offer had been accepted. We have somewhere to live! Hurrah!

It’s sad and weird, for reasons I’ll go further into tomorrow (because LOL this subject is how I ended up with a whole second post in the first place!) but it’s also really really exciting.

The flat is a lovely little one bedroom flat, close to the tube and our friends, with a HUGE lounge, tons of wardrobe space and all the big windows and white walls a blogger could ask for.

It’s also the first time Gary and I will be living together on our own, which seems kind of appropriate and coincidental to announce on the day of our 3rd anniversary!

In between all this drama, I also managed to meet friends for dinner, eat a whole lot of afternoon tea and read The Cursed Child again.

Overall? A weird but wonderful week.

happy monday

1. Peace and quiet. After last week’s mental weekend, having time to just sit and read and do not a lot has been LOVELY.

2. Burrito bowls. I made chicken burrito bowls for dinner one night last week and they were goooood. I made extra so I had enough for lunches as well and yeah. Love. These are definitely going into my weekly meal rotation!

3. Sunday chili. I also made Rosie’s Sunday Chili recipe one night (Wednesday, cos I’m a rebel) and I have to say I am LOVING this new cooking mood I’m in. I find it really therapeutic! So anyone got any good recipe recommendations for me?

4. Photography. I went to a photography class with Jessops last week and I feel like I learned SO MUCH. I’ve been putting a whole load of the tricks I learned into play this week and I’m so so happy with the images I’m getting. Seriously. Learning how to set a custom white balance is LIFE. CHANGING.

5. Choir singing. We went to a choir concert last night, that a friend of ours was singing in, and it was so nice! It made me really miss singing ♥︎

ethos food

6. Miso aubergine. Vicky and I went to Ethos for dinner on Thursday and the aubergiiiiine. We ate entirely too much food, and I’m not even sorry for it. It was amazing.

7. Divergent. Gary and I watched this for the first time on Saturday night and OMG YES. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to watch it. I LOVED IT! I kinda want to be a Dauntless. But actually I think I’m probably either an Erudite or a Divergent…

8. Katie getting 5 star reviews. My lovely friend Katie is selling out on tickets for her fabulous Quarter Life Crisis Cabaret in Edinburgh at the moment. She’s also getting 5 star reviews and I’M SO PROUD OF HER! I saw the show 3 times in London, and it was a massive reason I finally worked up the courage to leave a job that was making me miserable. If you’re at Edinburgh Fringe and looking for something warm, uplifting and gut-punchingly funny to watch: go find Katie.

9. Bus journeys. I’ve been getting the bus home after work recently, rather than getting the tube, and OH IT IS BLISSFUL. It only takes me 10 minutes more than the underground, it drops me right by my house, I always get a seat, it’s air-conditioned AND: I don’t have to smell anyone’s armpit. If that’s not a happy thing, I don’t know what is!

10. Afternoon Tea x4. Champagne, cake, sandwiches, tea, dog-friendly biscuits, chilli and vanilla G&Ts, CHOUX PASTRY SWANS. A bunch of us did a four-stop hotel tour, trying out four different, iconic afternoon teas in London. And it. was. awesome.

happy monday


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