Polishing Up My Personal Style

April 7, 2017
casual outfit: trousers, trainers, tshirt and leather jacket

casual outfit: trousers, trainers, tshirt and leather jacket

Do you know what’s funny?

I’ve spent the last few weeks fixing broken links on my blog. I’ve not done it in years (oops!) so there are a lot of broken links to fix, and I’ve found myself re-reading a lot of my old posts in the process.

And it’s been verrrry odd to see how much everything’s changed in three years. I’ve spoken a bit recently about the inside changes I’ve gone through, but I don’t think I’d quite realised how much the outside had changed too.

Specifically: my personal style has changed A LOT.

Remember this blue dress and orange flatforms combo? It’s pretty much the absolute opposite of anything I’d choose to wear today. But in 2014? That was one of my absolute favourite outfits.

And then, what’s also funny, is seeing how much my style hasn’t changed. I’ve got rid of a LOT of stuff in the last year or so, but this dress is still in my wardrobe. So is this one. And this other one. And this jumper, and this scarf, and this skirt

On the one hand, I’ve definitely got my money’s worth! But the flipside is that all these pieces are starting to look old and a bit… sloppy, to me now. They don’t quite fit how I see myself anymore.

And they also don’t quite fit me physically anymore! I’ve put on so much weight in the last year, that a lot of my old clothes just don’t fit me properly.

So I kind of lost interest in my style for a bit, and it’s only recently that I’m starting to really care about my wardrobe again.

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casual outfit with trousers, trainers and leather jacket
Those of you who’ve been around for the last few years might remember my Style Concept posts. I went through a phase of figuring out my uniform and streamlining my wardrobe. And I think I’ve done that.

I know that my style is casual and comfortable: classic with a touch of cool girl. I like jeans and soft jumpers and flat shoes. My skirts tend to be midi length, my tops are loose-fitting, and I feel my best when I’m wearing shades of black and blue.

Red lipstick makes me feel like a queen, and I will wear my tortoiseshell glasses pretty much everywhere (because I’m pretty much blind without them). I don’t wear yellow gold, I love my leather jacket, and I will never say no to a stripe.

I know all this, and I finally feel like I’ve nailed down my basics. But now I think I’m ready to experiment a bit.

First on the list: this pair of actual proper trousers from ASOS. They’re soft, comfy, a gorgeous shade of navy blue, and I’ve worn them pretty much every day this week (except yesterday cos I washed/ironed/packed them to wear in Aberdeen this weekend!).

Guys, they make me feel polished. I’d usually wear this t-shirt-and-trainers outfit with jeans, but the trousers make me feel sassy and grownup. More pulled together, even.

And I’ve realised that I love that. That’s how I want to feel in all my outfits.

So that’s what I’m working on right now: mixing my current casual basics with (affordable) tailored pieces, as well as some cool statement items too. It’s a pretty slow progress (because I keep accidentally spending all my money on travel…) but at least I know which direction I’m heading in now.

I’ll let you know how I get on!

breast cancer charity tshirt - jubblies


Trousers: ASOS // T-shirt: GIRL vs CANCER (see below) // Jacket: New Look (old)

 Trainers: Adidas (via ASOS) // Bag: La Redoute (40% off at the moment)

Glasses: Joules (via Vision Express) // Ring: Accessorize (old)


The Tit-Tees are Girl Stole London‘s brain child. Having been diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, Lauren created the t-shirts as a way to a) help fundraise for charity, and b) help pay the bills while going through chemo on minimum sick pay.

The tops are £28 each, with your choice of boob-word splashed across it, and 25% of the profits go towards supporting Breast Cancer Haven. You can read the whole of Lauren’s story on her blog!

PS. I know four of the designs are currently out of stock, but they do come back regularly. I also know she’s planning on adding more designs, so keep an eye out.

Photos by Charlie


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