September 11, 2014

This is my 100th blog post.

I’ve written and published 100 blog posts. ONE HUNDRED.

That’s a whoooole lot of dresses, pizza and adventures right there!

So to celebrate, here’s a list of 100 things that make me happy. (It involves food, of course. A lot of it.)

1. My boyfriend (aww).

2. My family.

3. My extended family.

4. My lovely Uni ladies.

5. My amazing Home friends.

6. Fresh, clean sheets on my bed.

7. Tea and toast in my bed.

8. Peanut butter on toast (in my bed).

9. My bed.

10. Birthdays.

11. Being wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa.

12. The Big Bang Theory.

13. An empty flat (ie: being home alone)

14. Pizza.

15. Cheese, crackers and red wine in front of the telly.

16. Waking up on a Sunday knowing there’s no particular reason for me to get out of bed.

17. Watching rain outside while I’m all warm and snuggly inside.

18. Huge knitted jumpers.

19. Patterned socks.

20. Dad’s Steak, Guinness & Cheese pie (I believe it’s a Jamie Oliver recipe and HOLY COW it’s delightful. I moan every time I eat it. Actual out loud moans)

21. Mum’s Lasagne (I actually stopped being a vegetarian after 3 years, just cos I came home and Mum had made lasagne and the thought of not eating it made me want to cry).

22. Dancing (I miss it. Damn you expensive London dance classes!)

23. Singing loudly and in an empty house where no-one can hear me.

24. Singing random songs at a piano with friends.

25. Snow days.

26. Taking photos outside on a sunny day.

27. Pulling silly faces at my camera indoors on a rainy day.

28. Going to the cinema on my own.

29. Plaiting (braiding) other people’s hair.

30. The Whatsapp conversation I have with my old work friends where we send each other hilarious memes and funny photos.

31. Comfy PJs.

32. Weddings.

33. Huge handbags.

34. Bright colours.

35. Puppy cuddles.

36. Eggs royale for brunch.

37. Finding £5 in a pocket of last year’s summer shorts.

38. Raspberries.

39. Getting on the right carriage of the tube so that I’m positioned right outside my exit when I get off at the end.

40. Writing silly fantasy/fairytale short stories just for myself.

41. The IT Crowd.

42. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

43. Nero’s chai tea lattes.

44. Evenings of board games and wine with family and/or friends.

45. Going to the zoo.

46. That first breath of crisp Autumn air.

47. Children who are 5 years old and under (when they’re still cute and not annoying yet!)

48. Pitch Perfect.

49. Discovering a forgotten chocolate bar in my desk drawer.

50. Shiny, new, blank notebooks.

51. Cuddles on the sofa.

52. Playing Sims 3.

53. Those days in Winter that are cold but clear-skied and sunshiny.

54. Skiing.

55. Swimming.

56. Mashed potato and red wine casserole on a wintery Sunday evening.

57. Tangled.

58. Reading Harry Potter.

59. Watching Harry Potter.

60. That first cup of coffee in the morning.

61. Christmas.

62. Fairy lights (the normal kind, not the coloured ones).

63. Roast belly of pork (if it’s on the menu, I never order anything else!)

64. Proper vanilla ice-cream.

65. Taking the time to do my make-up properly (instead of dashing it on in 5 minutes at 7am!)

66. Getting my hair done.

67. Reading a new book in bed.

68. Fresh hot croissants with butter and raspberry or blackberry jam (I’m very specific about my jam!)

69. Honey and olive oil on hot toast.

70. Making lists.

71. Payday sushi from Wasabi (If I was minted, I’d eat it every day. But I’m broke. So I just save it for a payday treat!)

72. Stardust (The film version. I liked the book, just not quite as much as the film)

73. Tapas.

74. Going for a tramp on the common in my wellies and raincoat.

75. Baking (and eating) cupcakes.

76. Getting a seat on the tube.

77. Seeing old couples in love.

78. Going for a run outside.

79. Girls with pink hair (I WANT PINK HAIR)

80. My favourite Harry Potter mug.

81. Walking on the Southbank.

82. Seeing London lit up at night.

83. Chicken satay from my favourite Chinese restaurant at home. (I won’t order it anywhere else!)

84. Film nights with my girls back home eating nachos, pizza and brownies (our standard menu).

85. Looking at old photo albums.

86. Food shopping (not a chore but a hobby!)

87. Painting my nails.

88. Hot, bubbly baths using my Lush bath bar (Brightside, if you were wondering)

89. Pretty fonts.

90. Opening the car window and smelling the Mallorcan air for the first time on the drive home from the airport.

91. Discovering a new special lunch spot.

92. Gin and lemonade.

93. Hour-long Skype calls with my parents.

94. Talking to my Grandparents.

95. Sitting on the terrace at Home-home, glass of white wine in hand, looking at the view.

96. Family dinners where we eat at the table and catch up on the day’s news.

97. Fresh, filled pasta cooked al dente and drizzled with a little extra-virgin olive oil and coarse sea salt.

98. Train journeys plugged into my iPod.

99. Scones with cream and jam.

100. Comments from my readers ♥


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