March 2, 2015
Happy Monday 015

Happy Monday!

March already eh? How time flies etc, etc.

Give it another couple of weeks and we’ll all be in sandals and ready for Summer! (except maybe not because apparently it’s still SNOWING in some parts of the UK…)

This past week’s been pretty quiet for me. It’s been nice! :)

Bit of dinner here, couple of drinks there, but mostly I was just focused on my Spring cleaning.

I was on a productive MISSION with my life and managed to completely boss all of my To Do lists.

It feels so good to have some order back in my life!

Happy Monday 015

1. Taco and Tequila Wednesday. I feel like this needs to become a weekly thing. There’s nothing quite like a catchup with your BFF over quesadillas, guacamole and tequila cocktails. Come back tomorrow for a full review of the restaurant. And the food pics ;)

2. Pink lipsticks. I suddenly realised that, despite my love of bold lips, I don’t actually have a bright fuchsia in my collection. So I bought Maybelline Colour Sensational in Pink Punch and Revlon’s Colourburst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart.

3. My clean and organised blog. Right at the beginning of the year, I said that I wanted to Get Organised. And I finally think I’m getting there! I’ve got an editorial calendar outlined for the entire month of March. I rediscovered the art of turning my phone off, writing a To-Do list and actually finishing everything on it. I know I had a bit of an off-week content-wise, but I feel like it was worth it just for everything I managed to get done and prepared for you guys in the coming weeks. I’M SO EXCITED TO SHARE IT ALL WITH YOU!

4. My clean and organised wardrobe. I finally got round to doing the wardrobe sort out that I mentioned in my Style Concept post. I got rid of SEVEN bags of clothes to the charity shop. If I didn’t remember when the last time I wore it was, it went. If I remembered wearing it and it was uncomfortable (or made me feel uncomfortable), then it went. I was BRUTAL. And it felt goooood.

5. My clean and organised bedroom. I tidied all my stuff away, found a box to put all my blog samples in (so I don’t keep losing them!), washed my bedding and rug, hoovered and mopped my floor, dusted the top of my drawers, filed away all my paperwork and threw away 6 bags of junk. TIDY HOUSE, TIDY MIND! It works.

Happy Monday 015

6. Blue skies! I know this pops a lot lately, but you guyyyyys. I grew up in Spain. I’m used to sunshine. My brain works 110% better when I’ve had my daily quota of blue skies and Vitamin D. And I’m fully attributing my above-mentioned productivity to this week’s AMAZING weather.

7. New socks. Unicorns, mice and dinos oh my! New Look do the BEST novelty socks.

8. Fish and Chips in Kensington. Really great flaky fish in non-greasy batter and SUPERB chunky chips. Perfect Sunday lunch!

9. The Sims. Gary went off to watch the football after our fish and chip lunch so I went home (to my nice, tidy, clean bedroom!), lit a Yankee Candle, wrapped myself in my George at ASDA direwolf-faux-fur blanket and played Sims for about 4h solid. Dreamy.

10. Surprise chorizo sandwich for lunch on Wednesday. I brought a salad to work and was going to be so healthy… Then BAM. Surprise food market round the corner from my office. Chorizo, melted Edam (LOOK AT THAT CHEESE), grilled red peppers and garlic mayo on ciabatta. That salad never stood a chance.

Happy Monday 015

So I’m off to York on Friday! Woop woop!

Super suuuper excited. My best friend’s doing a show up there so we’re all driving up for the weekend to see her :)

I’ve also got lunch plans with one of my uni friends who I haven’t seen for about 2 years. She’s recently had a baby girl and I’m SO looking forward to baby cuddles and a massive catchup.

I hope you all have a great week! xxx


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